What effect does increasing the magic skills have?

For all the magic schools, the skill description only mentions that the skill makes it easier to cast those spells. You also need a certain amount of skill to get the perks associated with that skill. Aside from unlocking perks, what effects does increasing your skill in Destruction, Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion and Restoration have? Does […]

Where is my Minecraft folder on Windows?

I don’t have a minecraft folder. I’ve looked through forums and videos, followed all the steps. I just don’t have one. I have windows 7, and I have “view hidden files” turned on. I have look in the roaming folder of my app data folder, with hidden files turned on. I want to find my […]

Does Pokemon Go take into account STAB in gym battles?

In the main series games, there is a concept of STAB (same type attack bonus), where a pokemon of a certain type will get an additional attack bonus (+50%) when using a move that has the same type. This bonus is in addition to any modifiers caused by the target pokemon’s resistances. For example, a […]

I'm stuck underground. How do I get back to the surface?

I’m stuck underground. I can’t mine any further to reach lava. There is no water nearby, and zombies can’t reach me. I can’t see to find any blocks to suffocate my character. NBTEdit and similar programs don’t work on Mac, so I can’t edit my save file to escape. I have hardly any blocks so […]

How does the Nephalem Valor buff work?

At level 60, the Nephalem Valor buff kicks in. Killing champion packs increase the effect, which gives a boost to gold and magic find, and increases the number of drops from bosses. How many stacks can you get? What causes you to lose stacks? How much gold find and magic find does each stack give? […]

Why is my Mega Stone not in the location it should be?

I upgraded my Mega Ring and have been looking for Mega Stones, and I found a nice guide to the Mega Stone’s locations. However, the Mega Stone isn’t in the place it’s supposed to be, and I’m sure the location is right. Why isn’t my Mega Stone here?

My Custom Skin won't Change

I made a skin by using Skincraft and I exported it to minecraft.net. I chose my skin and uploaded it. At the top it says, “Your skin has been changed! Please wait a few seconds for it to update.” I went to Minecraft, clicked singleplayer and chose a random world at the top. I looked […]

Restarting with new account on iOS/GameCenter

I downloaded Clash of Clans to my iPad (iOS 7) this past weekend and started playing. Of course, after a couple of hours I realized I made some newbie mistakes that are fatal to my future success. I wanted to restart, but it seems the only way to do so is to reset the device […]

How many permanent SPECIAL points are available in Fallout 4?

Building a character in Fallout 4 gives you 28 points in total to assign to your SPECIAL attributes during the initial character build – compared to 40 points in Fallout 3/ Fallout New Vegas. In Fallout New Vegas you could increase your SPECIAL attributes over the course of the game via temporary buffs but you […]

How do I get my preorder bonuses?

Joining the Premiere Club by preordering the game gets you: The Golden Key – “Unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest.” Vault Hunter’s Relic – “Play solo or team up with friends and boost your gear hunting fortune with the Vault Hunter’s Relic.” Gearbox Gunpack – “A package of unique Gearbox Golden […]

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