How do you install Minecraft mods on a Mac?

I’ve seen videos for Minecraft mods which add features like oil, pipes and guns. Where can I find these mods, and how do I install them on a Mac?

Are stats outside of your primary worth getting at all?

In Diablo 3 each class has a primary stat that increases all their damage. They also seem to have very minor side benefits such as a bit of dodge for dex, however the amount of dex a barb would need to make this valuable seems to be a pull from focusing on Strength (or vitality). […]

I want a divorce! What's the most painless way of obtaining one?

Seriously, it was fun and all, but I can’t and I don’t want to stay married to the same woman for the rest of my life – one real life marriage is enough.. Is there a lawyer or process of some kind in the world of Skyrim, and if not, who could help me divorce […]

How can the damage reduction from Armor in League of Legends not have diminishing returns?

The formula for calculating damage reduction from armor in League of Legends is Damage Reduction = Total Armor / (100 + Total Armor) It seems clear to me that this formula dictates that adding more armor has diminishing returns. For example, let’s say my champion has 50 armor, which gives damage reduction of 33.33% and […]

How do I reset my manor so I can rebuild it with different options?

I currently have Windstad Manor and built it all. Now I regret some choices and I’d like to rethink and rebuild it. Is there any console way to “nuke” the manor and rebuild it from ground up?

How much xp/prestige do you gain at a gym by training?

I have tested this a little bit and I’m not quite sure I understand the exact numbers or what impacts them. I took a gym, put in a 25cp Magikarp, and trained against it. 521cp Vaporeon: 10xp and 100 prestige 10cp Magnemite: 100xp and 1000 prestige I didn’t record other numbers, but I know I […]

Does Herobrine exist?

I’ve seen videos of a mob named Herobrine being summoned or randomly encountered. He has the default Minecraft skin but with glowing white eyes. Are these videos all hoaxes or is there a way to summon Herobrine in Minecraft survival mode without mods? Can he be randomly encountered?

How do I find slimes in Minecraft?

In early alpha I remember Minecraft videos showing slimes deep underground. I think you would attack them then they split into several smaller slimes. But I’ve never found a slime for myself. In what conditions can you find slimes? Are they definitely still in Minecraft?

What happens to my horse if I ride another horse?

I’m currently the proud owner of Frost the horse. What I want to know is, what will happen to him if I ride another horse? Obviously nothing will happen as long as I have him in sight, e.g. I’ll be able to ride Frost to make him my horse again. Scenarios But what will happen […]

How do I switch sides in the Civil War?

This is my first time through playing Elder Scrolls and initially I grabbed every quest that has come available… At first I thought I wanted to be part of the Imperial Legion but I feel like I picked the wrong side and am now regretting my choice. So…is there any way to un-join the Legion […]

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