What does Pokémon Appraisal actually tell you in Pokémon Go?

The new update to Pokémon go brought Pokémon Appraisal to the game. The information it tells you I’m still trying to decipher. For example, when I apraise my strongest Pokémon a 1500 CP Vaporeon, I get the following information: Overall, your Rainer is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon! I see that its best attribute […]

Does xbox live gold membership stack when I purchase a new one?

I currently have an Xbox Live Gold membership that will expire in March 2011. However the price of membership is increasing to $59.99 starting November 1, 2010. If I buy a 12 month membership now at the current price of $49.99, will the additional 12 months be added on to my existing membership or will […]

Problem building the signal interceptor during the Molecular Level?

I have a problem in building the signal interception, it always tells me to use the power from one grid, which I’ve done but it doesn’t work at all. Is this a bug or there is a certain way of connecting them?

How can I enable Civ 5 mods on Mac OS X?

Officially, the Mac OS X version of Civilization V does not support mods. However, from common sense, some discussions I’ve found online, and Aspyr’s poor track record, I’m guessing it is indeed possible to enable the mod browser and mod playing, at least for some mods. So, is it possible? And if it is, how?

Why should I “watch” a nearby pokémon?

At the bottom right of the playing screen, there is a small banner that displays silhouetted pokémon. Selecting it brings up a screen that details all the nearby pokémon. Pokémon are labelled with 1-3 footprints, and doubles can be displayed. When I select any of these pokémon, the silhouette becomes the only element on the […]

What determines if a soldier is gifted with psionic powers?

The game mentions a soldier’s will influencing whether they have a gift or not. Since you can only test a soldier once, does that mean promoting a soldier a couple of times before testing might produce a different outcome than testing them as soon as they arrive? So far all of my psionics were majors […]

How can I counter enemies with Riot Shields in Mass Effect 3

What are the best ways to deal with enemies using full body shields in Mass Effect 3? I’ve resorted to grenades, but are there any good powers to get these guys off balance?

I've unlocked 10 cards from the Monster Game – where are they?

The cards that it says I’ve unlocked aren’t in my inventory. Do you just get them after the whole event? I have two from just buying games actually in my inventory, but the cards I’ve ‘unlocked’ aren’t around. I’m Steam Level 7, so I know they should be dropping…

How do you capture video of your Wii gameplay?

I’d like to be able to capture video of me playing games on my Wii, especially when getting past tricky levels so I can share my techniques/tricks with others. Obviously, I could just point a camera at the screen, but the quality of the capture is extremely poor and would take up physical space in […]

How do I get rich quick?

I haven’t played Terraria in a while and it has changed a lot, so I want to start over again. What should I do to get some good equipment as quick as possible? I don’t need to have the epicest equipment available, but I’d like to be able to roam the world freely, mine where […]

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