How do I continue downloading a game in Steam while playing?

I have many games on Steam and many more I will buy, but I have a problem and I hope you can point me a solution. When I download a game, is it possible to launch and play a single player game under Steam and continue downloading others games in the meanwhile? Steam stops my […]

How to tell Max CP?

I’m comparing different pokemon of the same type (e.g. comparing pidgeys with each other), to see which ones I want to keep and which to transfer. I want to select based on Max CP -which differs per each pokemon-, but it’s a bitch to find what a pok√©mon’s max CP would be. Even though the […]

How do I move Steam games to a new computer without re-downloading them?

I have just bought a new computer and I have everything migrated over except for my Steam games. I looked in Program Files/Steam/ and I found a folder full of the games I have downloaded, but I do not know if it is safe to just copy these folders from one computer to another (seeing […]

Is it possible to change from a member of the Dawnguard, to a Vampire Lord or vice versa (permanently)?

I activated the Dawnguard DLC approximately three days after it’s release/inception, in late June, and commenced actively playing yesterday: July fifteenth, though I had already spoke with Isran, leader of the Dawnguard, I completed what I recollect to be the first quest of Dawnguard yesterday, I recollect the sole objective simply as: ‘find out what […]

Monks and the effectiveness of 2-handed weapons

I am just starting a Monk build in Diablo 3, and notice that a dual-wielding setup or a weapon/shield combo is far more favorable than using a Daibo, due to the ability to equip more prefixes and faster attack speed. Are there any reasons to use a Daibo instead, besides the Spirit regeneration bonus?

Are eggs predetermined before you hatch them?

In Pokemon-Go are eggs predetermined before you hatch them? What I mean is, has it already been decided what you are going to get from that egg before it’s been hatched? Or is it a random selection during the hatching? EDIT To test this theory I wrote a little code that will check the incubators, […]

Is it possible to install Steam games to two different locations?

I want to build a new PC with a smallish SSD. I’d like to be able to install some of my games onto the drive (those I care about loading quickly or I play frequently), but have the rest of them on a larger, slower drive. Anybody know if this is possible? I’m kind of […]

How do I make a setblock or a fill clock?

Often, when asking about command block contraptions, people suggest using a “setblock” or “fill” clock? What are those and how do I make them?

How can I break items down into their components

In my Junk inventory I can see the components that make up an item. For example, an Adjustable Wrench yields Steel and a Gear. There are also weapons and armor I don’t need, as well as debris lying around my settlement in the form of cars, tires, trees, etc. How can I turn these things […]

What does it mean to have map control?

I hear people talking a lot about having map control (mostly tzenes). What specifically does a good player consider map control? Is it simply having decent visibility of most of the map so that you know whenever your opponent is moving a force around the map? Or is it having expansions/fighting units around the map? […]

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