What can I find in the uncommon and rare item packs?

I’m getting destroyed in multiplayer and I’m trying to decide whether or not I should buy some of the cheap 5000 credit packs just so I can hopefully get some new weapons, or if I should save up for one of the rare packs and hope I get something awesome. However, I have no sense […]

What does the pokeball loading icon indicate?

I noticed, that when I freshly connected into the game (or sometimes during playing) a pokeball appears which probably symbolizes loading (see screenshot). But what does it indicate … … Server issues? … Client connection issues? … Location service issues? … Other problems? In this example the server seems to be one problem as the […]

How do I make money efficiently?

In Oblivion, I had two favorite money-makers: Dump all my stuff except some basic armor and potions, and raid an oblivion tower. The armor and weapons was worth lots, and selling it in Anvil made a lot of cash fast. Harvest an entire farm’s worth of crops, create ‘restore fatigue’ potions and sell them. Skyrim […]

Requirements for a clan war?

I am currently in a clan with three members. When we tried to initiate a clan war it said we had insufficient clan requirements. Does anyone know what the full requirements are? Is there a minimum clan member requirement?

How does the coin limit work?

The new gym update changes how coins are earned, including a limit of 50 coins earned per day. How does this limit work? Is each pokemon limited to accruing 50 coins per day? Are all my pokemon limited to a collective 50 per day? My teammates keep feeding my Dragonite and she has been at […]

What happens to free games obtained through PlayStation Plus after it expires?

I bought a three months membership for PlayStation Plus some time ago. This membership has already expired. While it was active, I got the classic PSOne Resident Evil titles for free. Will I be able to re-download them now without having to purchase a new PSPlus membership?

What are the possible catch bonuses and how much experience do they reward?

I found this question, earlier, and found out that I can throw a curveball at pokémon to earn an increased experience bonus. I have since noticed two more bonuses: “Great” and “Nice”. I had assumed the bonuses were for throwing a pokéball with the ‘catch circle’ closer to the center, which according to the FAQ, […]

How do you mark components and what effect does it have?

Inspired by a statement in the question “How can I get more adhesive?”: I keep adhesive marked as a needed component all the time, and grab every piece of marked junk I see. How do you mark crafting components? And I’m assuming it just “alerts” you when an item has that material, but how/when will […]

Are class-specific weapons better than other weapon?

While playing D3, I got some good Fist weapons with my monk, but even better swords, axes, etc. So I chose the one who give me more dps, even using dual-wield. But then I read this: Fist weapons allow monks to utilize their well-practiced hand-to-hand combat styles, but supplement them with knife blades, toughening hand […]

Can I ever play Undertale again normally?

I got the genocide ending and when I reset my file, my past choices still take effect. I want to start a clean pacifist run. I don’t want to buy the game again, what do I do?

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