If I stick a blank hard drive into my PS3 will it work?

On Christmas Day 2010 my PS3 stopped reading discs so I bought a new one, took the hard drive out of the old one, wiped/formatted it and used it as a portable hard drive. But today I’ve found a possible fix to get my old one working again. If I wipe the hard drive and […]

What's the backstory if you don't import a save?

In Mass Effect 2, if you created your Shepard from scratch, the game assumed you’d mostly made Renegade choices in the first game. I’m wondering what the lay of the land looks like for Mass Effect 3 What specific important decision points are made by default with a precreated Shepard? Are any of the decision […]

Minecraft Command Blocks Help – Selecting previous target in a second command block

I’m trying to make a system that prevents players from using certain items: In one command block I have the following command “clear @a diamond_sword” executing constantly through a clock. Off the side of that command block I have a redstone comparator to catch the output and emit a signal if the command is executed […]

Is there a utility to replace one block type with another within a region?

I’d like to be able to select a region (either with a graphical utility or command line) and be able to switch one block type with another, e.g. change all cobblestone in the region to stone. Does a program/mod exist that can do this?

Ramifications of mass slaughter?

OK, this is going to sound a bit… sociopathic. Or perhaps psychopathic. In any event, it’s something that I’d only do playing a game — I swear! 🙂 I will soon finish Point Lookout for the second time. It’s the last bit of DLC for Fallout 3 in this, my fourth run-through of the game. […]

What's the deal with orange items without stats?

When comparing these two items Mantellian Smuggler’s Tunic and Spec Ops Jacket, the only visible difference is 113 armor. Is it just me, or is there very little point in upgrading these, rather than just changing mods? Are they intended to act like heirlooms in WoW, or do they have level caps on mods?

Which characters unlock each scene?

No matter where I look, I haven’t seen almost any indications of which characters unlock which scenes. Put plainly: Which character/level combinations unlock a scene?

How do I get the Ender Dragon egg and what does it do?

So I finally killed the Ender Dragon! As I was climbing the portal back to the world, I noticed that on top of the column there was an egg. So I attacked, mined, clicked and nothing happened, it just teleported away. What does the egg do and how do I get it?

How can I edit coalesced.bin so that I can use cheats and graphics tweaks?

I’ve seen that I can tweak my game by editing files like bioinput.ini and bioengine.ini, but I couldn’t find these files anywhere. They seem to be part of another file called coalesced.bin, and I don’t know how to edit it. I want to do this so that I can tweak some graphics settings and set […]

Can I safely uninstall games purchased from Steam?

Can I uninstall purchased games from my computer and then later download them through Steam without having to re-purchase if I’d like to? I’m running short on space on my laptop, looking to free up some space and wanted to be sure that I can safely re-download anything at a later time similar to how […]

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