Can I play against or with Xbox 360 players through my Xbox One?

Is it possible to play against and with Xbox 360 players through my Xbox One?

Where are my Minecraft saves located?

On Minecraft I am stuck really far down (see this question) and can’t get out. When I search for my save I can’t find it. I am on a Macbook.

Can a new save withdraw from the pokemon bank?

I’ve been considering restarting my save and replaying the story with access to the entire National Pokedex (Minus a few Event-only Pokemon I’m missing) from the start. But I would first like to confirm: Can I withdraw my stored Pokemon from the bank if my game is reset? It seems that the only contributing factor […]

Is there a way to clear quests from your journal in skyrim

I have a number of quests in my journal that are already done but got put in a second time due to an unfortunate conversation option. Does anyone know a way to clear these types of quests out of the journal or just drop a quest if necessary?

How do I recover my old Clash of Clans (COC) game save & base?

I unintentionally and stupidly wiped my Clash of Clans game data. I went to Application Manager on my Android and clicked ‘Clear data’. (I used this for fixes before and it never started a new game.) Now, my level 60 or so base has been wiped as if was to start a new game. Have […]

What are the prerequisites to encounter the legendaries in ORAS?

There are a lot of legendaries available in ORAS, however a lot of them will only show up/be available if certain prerequisites are met. I know Groudon/Kyogre are available through the Story, and Rayquaza & Deoxys through the postgame Delta episode, but what about the other available legendaries? What do I need to do to […]

Is it possible to play two different Steam games on the same account at the same time?

I own a lot of games on Steam, and I’m overall a big fan of the service. However, one thing about it really bothers me, and I’m wondering if anything can be done about it. Let’s say I have two different online, multiplayer games, both of which I legally own. If I bought these games […]

How to get old 16-bit Windows games to work on 64-bit Windows?

Trying to play some old Windows 95 games on Windows 7 64-bit, I’m getting the following error: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact […]

Is it possible to log back into a Pokemon Go account?

So I had 20+ Pokemon on my account and today when I tapped on the app, it brought me back to the original screen when you first start playing. My friend who signed up tested using my username when she first started and my username was unavailable, meaning the account still exists. I don’t have […]

How do you safely pray to your god?

Can somebody please give me a good overview of the prayer system in NetHack? From what I understand, you can pray once and your god is more than happy to help you out, but if you pray again, you get punished pretty severely for being so needy. Basically, how does NetHack prayer work?

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