How to set Command Block(s) to test for a particular time and output a message?

I simply want one command block to test for the time of day or night (e.g. time = 18000) and output a message in the chat to everyone if that time returns true. I was trying a simple set-up with two command blocks and a comparator in the middle, but I’m a beginner and am […]

What is the blue aura around my Pokemon?

I was transferring a bunch of Pokemon recently, and I noticed that some of the Pokemon had blue aura’s around them. What do these auras mean? You can see the auras in the cp159 Zubat as compared to the cp135 Zubat in the image below:

What are Dragons most vulnerable to?

In Skyrim, What type of magic are Dragons most vulnerable. I know it’s not fire. Is it more effective to use frost, spark, or a power other than destruction when battling Dragons?

How do I use elemental effects in Borderlands 2?

As a Siren and Elemental Gun user I’d like to know exactly when to use each type of elemental effect. What are the elements in Borderlands 2? What damage bonuses does each have? When should I use each element? What Damage Over Time effects are there and what special effects do they have? How long […]

Can one PlayStation Plus subscription be shared between multiple PSN accounts on the same machine?

I just purchased a new ps4 and found out that PlayStation Plus is required for online gameplay. My ps4 is shared with someone else at home so I want to ask if one PlayStation Plus subscription can be shared between multiple psn accounts on the same machine?

How can I start the Blood on the Ice quest?

I am currently part of the Stormcloaks and just finished Rescue from Fort Neugard. The Jarl wants to make me a thane and is telling me to buy a house, but his steward is telling me the house is unavailable due to some unpleasantness. I have already completed the 5 quests to help people of […]

How do I find my follower if and when they leave me?

I had parked my follower at an inn with a bunch of valuable items that I didn’t want to carry. I guess I have been out a bit too long as this message appears: Your follower tires of waiting and leaves. There have been other situations where my follower has mysteriously disappeared as well. How […]

Why remove redstone dust from my command block contraptions?

Whenever I show my command block contraptions to my friends, they always comment that I should remove the redstone dust from them. They say it causes lag and that redstone can be unpredictable, but I’ve never had a problem like that. Even if I did, I would just slow down the clock I’m using a […]

How can I determine if an NPC is available for marriage?

In the vein of Are inter-racial marriages frowned upon? – Pete Hines, Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, when asked if Skyrim would support gay marriage said the following: You can marry anyone…Not any NPC, just mean any male or female. So obviously some NPCs are off the list. I assume I can’t marry Jarl […]

Which stats / gear can get the best our of wasteland exploration?

Trying to get the best out of wasteland exploration here! I get it that you’d obviously need a big gun for survival out there, but apart from that, I’m wondering which stats / gear can get the best out of exploration. How would you choose who to send out exploring from your dwellers. Which stat […]

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