Should I assign dwellers to the storage room?

I’ve played Fallout Shelter for a while now and normally use dwellers with appropriate SPECIAL stats for each room (Strength in the reactor, Perception in the water supply, etc). However, I have a question regarding Endurance. The only room which uses this is the storage room. It doesn’t produce anything; it has no cooldown; it […]

Is there a limit to the number of tiles a city can use in Civ 5?

Is there a limit to the number of tiles a city can work? I’ve noticed that I can purchase and use tiles several spaces away from my city. How far can I go?

What does each SPECIAL stat in Fallout Shelter do?

Besides its workplace uses, like Charisma in Living Quarters, Strength in Power Generators, Agility in Diners. Do we know if Endurance increases HP in the Dwellers, or that strength helps in melee damage / survivability in the wastelands? And Perception?

I've lost my portal home, and I am invincible. How can I leave the nether?

I’ve gone into the Nether and seemed to have lost my portal out of it, I also can’t die in lava or by mobs attacking me, I’m appear to be invincible and can’t die. This is Single Player by the way. Why is this happening?

How do I craft command blocks?

I went to my friends house, and he was playing Minecraft on the PC. He showed me a command block, but when I went home and opened Minecraft pocket edition, I went to the crafting table but I could not find any command blocks to craft. What are command blocks and how do I craft […]

How can I make a block only be placed on certain other blocks

I want people to only be able to place TNT on only Quartz Blocks and I’ve see this done before where you can only place blocks on certain other blocks but I’m not sure of the command used to do that. Does anyone know?

Can I be an effective tanking Monk without a Shield at higher difficulty levels?

I’m building a tanking Monk, however I have not yet found a shield worth using. I find that the faster spirit generation caused by duel wielding (increased attack speed = faster spirit generation) is better than a little extra armor or chance to block < 1000 damage. Since there really isn’t a concept such as […]

Can you use /testfor to detect the death of a player?

Can you use the /testfor command in minecraft 1.8 to find out if a player has died ? I need it for my map, where 2 players (Only) are pitted against eachother. I want it so that when one of them dies, it will detect the death and declare the victor.

How can I record demos of my gameplay?

I remember seeing a lot of cool Counter Strike videos back in the day. How do you go about recording your gameplay (any game) into an easy to edit format? Do you need special software? How much does it cost?

How can I extract the full audio or get subtitles of GLaDOS's sentences in Portal 2?

I started playing Portal 2 and GLaDOS voice and dialogs are simply amazing. I would like to hear or read again some of her sentences. Is it possible extracting them in audio or text form, from some Portal 2 files?

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