Are there any blocks that spiders cannot climb?

I’m building a spider spawner exp farm, and I have everything planned out. Now the only thing is to build it. But what material should I use? Are there any blocks that a spider (either type) just cannot hold on to the sides of? My farm should function if there are none, but it would […]

Do supply lines share stored items between settlements?

I can setup a supply line to share crafting material between settlements. But does this also share any buildings/crafted entities I stored in the settlement? If not, is there some other way to move them between settlements?

Who can you romance in Mass Effect 3?

Unfortunately, the Romance article on the Mass Effect Wikia doesn’t have the options listed yet, and I’m a little paranoid about digging deeper on google for fear of running into major story spoilers (hell, I’m paranoid about those just on this site). Who are the romance options (both same-sex and opposite-sex) that count for “Paramour” […]

Why can't I mine diamond, gold ore, or redstone ore?

Normal blocks I can mine fine, but when it comes to diamond and gold ores, the block just gets “destroyed” (as in you can’t pick it up). I’m playing on multiplayer with no spawning monsters.

What build order should I use for Zerg in StarCraft 2?

I’m familiar with the general mechanics of the game, but what’s the best build order for the beginning of the game?

Can we play Portal 2 co-op on one PC or Mac?

Is there a way to play Portal 2 co-op on a single PC or Mac? If so, do we need two keyboards, or two mice, or what? Do we need to buy two copies of the game? Note: The wireless XBox 360 controller does not work standalone out of the box on either an iMac […]

What is the cap for equipment modifiers?

When judging equipment, whether a drop or in the Auction house, it’s often best to know how far the item is from being “optimal.” For example, a +intelligence +vitality ring may have +40 of each, but the cap for the modifier at the level of the ring may allow for up to +65 of each. […]

How do I turn off the Minecraft 1.7.2 Super Secret Settings?

How do I turn off the Minecraft 1.7.2 super secret settings? I tried F3 and F4, hitting Esc repeatedly, all things mentioned on blogs – nothing is working.

How are attributes allocated?

Whenever a player levels up, they are granted points in 4 attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Vitality. Are these stat allocations based on anything the player does or are they set for each level dependent on class? What about attributes gained from Paragon levels?

I have an iPod 5. Can I play Pokemon Go?

Long story short, I have an iPod 5, and I’ve been excited for this game for about a year now. I keep getting a GPS signal not found. Can I play under wifi?

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