Why does my Fortify Restoration potion also improve Enchanting and Alchemy?

Why does a Fortify Restoration potion also augment seemingly unrelated skills that aren’t mentioned in the name?

Will Skyrim work properly if mods and main files are split over two HDDs?

I would like to know if anyone has experience running skyrim and it’s mods across two separate data drives. I am upgrading my rig to a solid state, but it is only 500GB. If I want to play a game like Skyrim, with main game files installed on the SSD, and the mods on an […]

How do I extract Source Engine .vpk files?

I’d like to use some Source Engine models and sounds, so I looked up how to extract them. Most methods say to use GCFScape, which I can use to browse and extract .gcf files. However, since the SteamPipe update, the .gcf files have been replaced with .vpk files. Is there a way to extract the […]

Just Cause 2 on Steam hanging on “Preparing to Launch”

I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 for a bit. I went a few days without switching on my desktop. I wanted to get back to playing the missions today, so I launched the game on Steam and it hangs on “Preparing to Launch.” From what I’ve googled around, people have recommended verifying local game cache. […]

What does finishing the Dead Island DLC unlock?

An update for ZF3 in June opened a new set of “Dead Island” DLC missions. What do finishing these missions unlock? Can any of the items used in the DLC be used in the main missions?

Why isn't my skin uploading in Minecraft 1.9?

I’ve been having some problems with the Minecraft 1.9.2 skins. I have tried uploading multiple skins to my profile and none are showing up. As soon as I open Minecraft and load a singleplayer world, the default Steve skin shows up. Also when I try and play multiplayer on like Mineplex or Hypixel, not only […]

How to run commands depending on players scoreboard?

How can I teleport players based on their score on the scoreboard? For example, only if there scoreboard score is 1.

What's the point of getting transformed?

I found a crazy machine in the lower level that appears to turn me into another species. I wandered around for a bit after my transformation and tried switching back and forth a few times, but eventually decided to remain as my old self. I came back later and tried again and this time I […]

What are some skills that can hit targets outside their range?

There are quite a few skills that I know of that can hit units outside their range, for example, Azir’s Soldiers and Lucian’s Q. Are there any other skills that can do this? Also I feel that Xerath’s Q hitbox is longer than the range indicator, sometimes I catch people at the end of my […]

How do you test if a player is holding a Skull with a skull owner?

I am trying to make it so that when the boss gets killed, it drops an item. Then it is supposed to test that item and if they have it, they can move on to the next boss. But my item is a Skull with a Skull owner. So a player head. But I am […]

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