How does Lee Sin fall off late-game?

How does Lee Sin fall off late-game? Everyone says it, but I don’t see how. Is there any way to prevent it?

After migrating account with Mojang, where are my new/current saves?

Recently I migrated my account on I had two worlds/saves before migration called ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’. A little after I migrated, I deleted ‘Exile’ and ‘TEST world’, and started a new world/save called ‘Village on the Green’. Today, I went in my saves to check out my files for ADMIST related purposes. ‘Village […]

How to make custom player heads without making multiple accounts?

I would like to get some nice, original player heads to use as as meme references. I don’t want to make multiple accounts to get the player heads. Is it only one head texture per account? Or is there another way?

How do I get rid of these bats on minecraft

I was building a mob zoo and my bats got out and they fly around and annoy me. How do i remove them?

How does one use @e data on a custom named snowball

The below command does not work on a Snowball and I was wondering how to do it. execute @e[name=snowy] ~ ~ ~ particle smoke ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 0.1 5

How did the Greybeards learn shouts?

I visited the Greybeards and heard their explanation of the Thu’um. However, I must have missed something. They said that is the way the rest of us learn shouts. Okay, how did “the rest of” us learn shouts, exactly? I don’t want to reload too far. If anything, I wonder if there is a site […]

Up to how fast can the Panic Attack's reload and firerate be?

Is there a cap at hp so that eventually you will lose enough health to gain the most optimal firerrate and reload speed? Or does it still scale, even when you are down to 1 hp?

Breaking a wood block in Adventure mode

How can I break a wood block in Adventure mode?

What items should I get for a Yasuo top?

I’ve been playing as Yasuo for the past few weeks and I’m starting to get the hang of him. It’s a pretty fun champion to play with and it’s kinda satisfying to see his ult land on a team fight…and get out of it alive, of course… But that’s the thing… I know he’s pretty […]

Do random treasure points in fractured dimensions count towards your records?

Treasure points are the sparkly points and bags found in the field of most non-town areas of the game and Treasure chests are the actual chests found all over. You need to activate them for the titles “Loot Liker”, “Loot Leige” and “Loot Lord” and the records “Treasure Found” and “Most Random Treasures Found”. Do […]

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