I can't screenshot on Steam?

I’ve been able to screenshot ever since I got Steam but now when I tried to screenshot my game it didn’t work. I have Steam overlay enabled and the overlay comes up but when I press Fn+F5 it doesn’t work. I tried Fn with everything still nothing. What can I do to fix this?

Where are the Pandora engine and rudder tuning crates?

In X3 Albion Prelude, you can find crates containing engine and rudder, collecting which can overtune your ship, increasing its speed and handling far beyond what is normally possible for a given model. Where can I find them? If they are random, is there a trick to locating them, like the BBS of X3 TC?

What is the pulverize Exp Bonus?

I saw it flash once, and I didn’t have time to read its description… So what exactly is the Pulverize Exp bonus, and what could be the strategies to get it?

Where is the best place to farm Blood Vials in Bloodborne?

I went back to playing Bloodborne on PS4 after a 10 month break. I just made it past Rom the spider thingy, and now I’m out of blood vials, which doesn’t help moving further in the game. I also don’t quite remember the previous other areas of the game, so I’m not sure where I […]

How many steps is one run around Prism Tower?

How many steps is in one complete circle around Prism Tower? In case the amount of steps change depending on where you are on the circle, I am one spot away from the Diggersby, away from the tower.

What does Bloody Lust do?

I picked up an item called Bloody Lust, and the effect in the lower right-hand corner was “Rage!”. Plus, I get this totally rad headband. I’ve tried getting hit and I’ve tried killing enemies, and once in a while, my damage will increase significantly and I’ll turn all red. How does Bloody Lust work?

Are resources limited?

Upon discovering Vertical Shaft and its resident Larian, I’ve immediately set to work feeding the Phyta to the Larian for nutritious compost. After a while, however, the Phyta stopped reproducing – the “eggs” they laid upon eating a seed simply disappeared instead of hatching into a new Phyta. This made me wonder: are the resources […]

How do I Find an Escaped Prisoner?

I have a quest from the ‘Companions’ to kill an escaped prisoner. He is said to be roaming Haarfingar. When I bring up the journal and highlight the quest, It offers no clues on the map. I have been to Solitude and search a few keeps etc. Also tried the ‘Clairvoyance’ abilty. In all honesty […]

How to understand which creature is the best to be mimicked using Phantom Image or Create Illusion in Heroes IV?

Mages of Order in Heroes IV can actually prove to be good summoners, creating 44+4 per level HP of creatures with Create Illusion and 88+8 per level with Phantom Image, or 152 HP at 8th level (the minimum when level 4 spells become available). For comparison, Summon Griffins, level 4 Nature spell, creates 0.2*level Griffins. […]

“Minecraft Offline.bat” With HD texture pack Fix?

This is great: @SET /P IGN=IGN= @java -Xms512m -Xmx1024 -cp “%APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin/*” \ -Djava.library.path=”%APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin/natives” \ net.minecraft.client.Minecraft %IGN% But if your trying to use any HD texture pack you will get the “unpatched bug” i.e. small lava and portal textures on all dirt blocks is there any way to fix the issue ?

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