SC2 keeps asking for authenticator code (new 'intelligent' login feature not working anymore)

I’m using Blizzard Authenticator and Starcraft II login screen prompts me each time to enter the code. Everything would appear to be fine, unfortunately it isn’t: Blizzard recently announced that they have updated the authentication system to intelligently track login locations and, if one is consistently connecting from the same place, may not be asked […]

Spectator's Mode, Fog of War feature

Wouldn’t this feature allow for one team who has an active spectator watching the game without fog of war to give advices of incoming ganks, jungle invades, Baron, Dragon kills etc.? The source of why I know theres a Fog of war feature is here Next Patch: The Full Release of Spectator Mode!

Stuck on “Updating setup files…” when installing Diablo 3?

After a reasonable hiatus from Blizzard games, I have decided to reinstall Diablo 3. I used to have it installed and working on this machine and removed my previous install using Add/Remove Programs. However, now when I try to reinstall the game, the Diablo 3 Setup starts ‘Updating setup files…’ and then hangs; I have […]

Should Mass Effect 3 be played with From Ashes or not?

What is the intended order—play through the story of Mass Effect 3 and then play the From Ashes DLC, or begin the game with the From Ashes DLC from the start? With the nature of the squad member being such an important and critical plot point, it seems like his presence or absence would affect […]

How to fix the issue of Civilization V not launching in “Direct X 10 & 11” mode

I launch Civlization V from steam and the launcher appears, it gives me the option of Direct X 9, Direct X 10 & 11 or Windows 8 Touch Enabled Mode. I wish to run it in DX11 so I select that, the window then disappears then nothing happens. How can I launch it in DX11 […]

What does the “Threat” stat do?

In update 13, all weapons have gained the “threat” stat, but I am confused as to what exactly this means. What does the “threat” stat do, exactly?

Who has the biggest head?

Every hero has a specific head hitbox that allows weapons to trigger as headshots on them. Which heroes, from the biggest to the smallest, have the biggest head hitbox? In some ways I feel like D.VA has a huge head hitbox but at times it feels like Roadhog and Winston have bigger heads. In all […]

Can't find my maps in Minecraft

I downloaded a map and extracted the .zip, then I went into the MC launcher, went to edit profile, clicked on open game dir, went into my saves folder, then I transferred my map to that folder, reloaded Minecraft, went into the singleplayer menu, and now I can’t find the map. Not only that, but […]

What are gem forges used for?

I realized that in Infinity Blade 2, if I combine gems of the same kind, I get one super powerful gem, the price of which exceeds the price of its component gems. I wonder what other uses of gem forges are there?

What are the “Željezo se kuje dok je vruce. Cega nema, ne mose se ni uzeti” in the Payday 2 achievements for?

These achievements just popped up in Payday 2. NO clue what language they’re in, nor why they don’t obviously look English like. What are these achievements for?

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