How do I create a random team chooser for Minecraft?

How do I create a random team chooser for a Minecraft server? For example: When you step on a block, you are automatically assigned to a random team: transported to that team’s side of the building, given team-coloured armour etc.

How can I control the Romances in Mass Effect 2?

In Mass Effect I tried to get as far as I could in dialogues with characters, even though I was trying to remain neutral as to not get involved with anyone so I could remain loyal to Tali in Mass Effect 2, despite my best efforts to remain neutral but view as much dialogue Ashley […]

Codemasters GRID and Driving Wheels

I just recently got a hold of a G27 Racing wheel and been playing F1 2010 with it ever since. Since F1 2010 is from Codemasters I assumed the older titles like DiRT 1+2 and GRID will also have awesome support for Racing Wheels and bought those. After trying to play Grid now for almost […]

/testforblocks system problem

What I wanted to do was a system that would permit you to save your build in an area, in sort of a nothing is changeable, not even the items in a chest. In fact, how it works is simple: the construction would be cloned into a safe area when the system is in “save […]

Does Loot Redistribute Among Storages

Though your loot amount appears as a sum of all of the loot in all of your storage, the internal loot of storage are separate. So for example if i started with full storage and i leave a storage outside for people to raid, would i eventually lose all of my loot (Assuming people don’t […]

Iron hunter mistake!

Ok so I accidentally killed the iron hunter so I finished that rebirth and wanted to go try him again to get the heavy weapon and now he won’t appear?! Can I ever get that weapon again?

What're and where can I found timed dungeons?

I saw at Blizzcon the comment about the timed dungeons. What they really are and where can I find them? They still exist or was just an idea? Is there a requirement to get into one?

Why are the matchups in Clash of Clans so uneven at times?

How come we’re in a war and our top guy is around level 86 or 87 and their top two guys are over level 100? Their walls are way stronger and they have air defenses. When searching for an opponent does it eventually just give up and put you up against the closest opponent even […]

Can't end a flight when using MechJeb

So after it was suggested in chat, I decided to download and try the Mechanical Jeb plugin. During my trials so far with MechJeb, I’ve been setting up my staging such that the MechJeb module is discarded prior to re-entry. A strange thing happens when I disconnect this stage: it disappears. After that, everything seems […]

How to install a FTB modpack from a zip file to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft?

How can I install a FTB modpack from a zip file downloaded from the FTB website to a MultiMC instance of Minecraft directly, without using either the Curse launcher or the FTB launcher? This question is related to but distinct from How i can install FTB modpacks to MultiMC 5?, for which the answer given […]

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