How many bars of supply does it take to make one bar of product?

I just bought the business and all upgrades. How much supply is required for one bar of product?

What parts of Autorun need to be disabled to avoid Autosave lag in Skyrim?

I’ve read that disabling Autosave in Skyrim helps to avoid the lag it can create after the savefile has exceeded a certain threshold. However, I’m wondering if it really is all of Autosave that needs to be disabled, or just some parts? On the PS3, Autosave options are: Save on Rest Save on Wait Save […]

I got an epic chest before the legendary chest what does that mean for me?

Does this mess up my cycle? Or do I still have a chance of getting a legendary chest.

Change difficulty to hard in The Witcher

I want to change the difficulty in The Witcher 1 to hard in an existing save. I found this: But it doesn’t show what the settings would be for hard, only easy and normal.

Should I only get unsolved street crimes in Free Play?

I’m currently on the Homicide desk but have returned to Traffic in free play mode in order to finish all the street crimes. However, I’m still being given street crimes that I definitely remember solving. I thought the game would know which crimes you’ve solved and give you new ones – forcing me to replay […]

Removed XBLA games

What games are no longer available in XBLA? Why have they been removed, and are they still available in some regions?

How to change the language of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta?

Title says it all. Windows is non-English, but I want to play Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta in English.

When doesn't Cyclone Strike pull enemies in?

I’ve noticed that there are times when Cyclone Strike just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. I thought it was due to enemies being frozen, but now I have seen some non-frozen enemies unaffected and some frozen enemies affected. What determines whether or not Cyclone Strike actually pulls enemies in?

Who does Bottle & Cappy cheer up?

So I ran a mission and rescued Bottle & Cappy. They now show up randomly, and I’ve seen some people’s happiness rise, one in particular went from 10% to 75%. Now one of my quest runners (basically my Avatar in the game, so I keep a close eye on him). He recently died, and on […]

How to get the destiny beta nameplate?

In the beta you were supposed to receive an nameplate if you played at 2:00 pm PDT. I got a message saying public event and clicked it but received no nameplate. Do I not get it until the full game or has my game glitched and I just can’t get it.

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