Bought a used 3DS, can I change the Nintendo ID and keep downloaded games?

I am very new to this all, I have not owned anything Nintendo since the original Wii launch. I recently picked up a used 3DS which has 2 games on it I would like to keep. It still has the previous owner’s Nintendo ID and settings on everything. I am wondering if I can use […]

Minecraft 1.10 Custom GameRules?

I was fooling around with gamerules, when I noticed this: I guess I added a gamerule to the list? I’d like to know more about this and how it can be used. Thanks!

What happened to the Loading Screen game?

In Okami, there used to be a mini-game in the loading screen, that if you pressed a particular button when a paw-print appeared, and you got all of them in a row, it would show a Demon Fang instead of Issun: Is this game still in Okami HD? I’ve tried mashing every button (except Select […]

If I buy a PS3 game second hand, will I still get all the content?

A friend of mine is considering Assassins Creed: Revelations, collectors edition and they arew worried that as it’s pre-owned that they won’t be able to access all the content, both stuff in the box such as the multiplayer character that might have to be activated, and downloadable content, that might require a certain login. I […]

Playing SC2 Replays with double click

When I double-click on an SC2replay file in brings up SC2 but then nothing happens. How can I get it to play the replay? I am trying with a replay that’s relatively recent… from April. I’m on Windows 7 x64. EDIT: It does not give any sort of error message as far as I can […]

Remap Camera Control in Guild Wars

I’ve just installed Guild Wars on my brand new MacBook, but I’ve run into an issue with the camera control. The default controls are set so that you hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse to move the camera. However, I am unable to get that to work with the fancy trackpad […]

How to be sure the GTA V “play disk” isn't installed?

After reading all the problems caused by installing both disks on the Xbox360, I was wondering if I did the installation process as suggested. After installing the first disk I was asked to insert the second one. I’m not sure if there was an option to skip this stage and I’m not quite sure if, […]

How do you access your “special vehicles” in GTA V?

When I buy special vehicles (military vehicles) I get the message that they have been delivered, but they are not in my garage or my hanger. I bought the military humvee (don’t know the name) but when I press right on the D-pad nothing pops when I’m in the garage. I bought the tank, but […]

How does the “chance to hit” (or accuracy) work in Diablo 1?

So there’s this percentage that shows how accurate your character is when hitting. Say I use a Rogue, and reaches 100% chance to hit (or accuracy) then I believe it hits all the arrows. But after I saw that it’s possible to get more percentage than 100% then my thoughts are.. Is there a limit, […]

How do I fly the chopper with the keyboard?

No matter how boldly and self-confident I hop into a helicopter in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it takes only 5 seconds for me to lose control and crash the vehicle. How do you control the choppers with just the mouse and the keyboard? I don’t want to use a joystick or a pad. Specifically, what […]

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