Backing up a Clash of Clans account on iPad without the game center

I use the same apple ID across an iPhone and an iPad, but play a separate Clash of Clans account. The first account, my iPhone, is registered on the game center. On the iPad, I did not activate the game center, in order to prevent it synching data from my iPhone. Unfortunately, I have run […]

Are Project Proposals and Processor equipment placed at set locations in dungeons?

My first playthrough I thought I found Product Proposals “[PP]” and CPU equipment by luck, but as I go through playthrough 2 I seem to always get them from floating blue cubes in dungeons, who’s appearance does not appear to be random (nor do they respawn). Are these items in preset locations? Meaning if I […]

Why can't I use filters?

I got a new filter for MCEdit but I can’t use filters at all! I can’t select the option in MCEdit. How can I use it?

Can I configure a Redstone Energy Cell to emit a redstone signal if it is full?

I have Magmatic Engines powering a Redstone Energy Cell. Is there a way to configure the cell to emit a redstone signal once it’s full, so I can use said signal to rurn off my engines so they dont waste lava?

Confusion on Redstone Wire Transmission

According to the wiki on Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire powers itself, the block below it, or the block it is pointing to. I’m having trouble understanding what this is saying. According to the statement, it sounds like only a one of those three things is ever true at once per redstone wire. However, from my […]

Pokemon X and Y Hacked Pokemon

I got a shiny Rayquaza on Pokémon White 2. It has the normal ability, and normal stats/moves, but it was caught in Sinnoh on level 41. I would like to know if it is hacked, would it affect my Pokémon X game? Would the save file corrupt?

What are some AOE/multi-unit damage items in dota 2?

We recently had a game were a PL settled on that hero at the last moment, and our team has no heroes with AOE abilities. Pick strategies aside, what are some items we could have gotten to do AOE damage and identify the illusions?

How do I lower my hitpoints?

I ate too much candy, and increased my max health too much that I now find it very difficult to defeat myself. Since my clone has the exact same hitpoints as me, is there a way to make that fight easier and faster? Is there a way to lower my hitpoints?

Is there anything to eat besides basic rations?

In other roguelikes, I’ve been able to carve up corpses of fallen foes to eat when I’m hungry. In Pixel Dungeon, so far it looks like the only way to eat is to find a ration. It does take quite a long time to die to starvation, but you don’t passively heal while you’re starving, […]

Is there a downside to upgrading to RoS asap

I have base Diablo 3 PC version, and am considering upgrading to Reaper of Souls. However, I haven’t completed all of the older content such as Infernal Machine available in the classic version – and from reading online, I know that the parts dropped by the IM bosses change in RoS. As such, is there […]

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