Where can frostblades respawn?

I know that there are shrines that have a frostblades in chests. I also know that there is one in a labyrinth and in the Coliseum. Except I don’t have the Coliseum unlocked. So is there a mini boss/monster somewhere that drops the frostblade?

Cooperative game vs Multiplayer game

Can any one tell what is difference between cooperative game and multiplayer game?

Steam error: Could not connect to a network on Windows 10

As above, error occurs randomly and prevents you from logging in to your Steam account. Here the catch; I already found (sketchy) solution that works – therefore, following Stack Overflow customs I’m going to post it and accept it. Others are free to contribute. Following solutions does not work: Rebooting computer. Removing any .blob files […]

FTB Ultimate Server constantly giving “can't keep up!” errors

I am looking for some tips for getting a FTB Ultimate server server up to speed. I constantly get the “Can’t Keep Up” messages. I am running a FTB ultimate 1.1.2 server on Windows 2008 R2, with an AMD FX 4170 Quad-Core @ 4.20 GHZ and 8 GB of RAM. The server itself is running […]

How to beat the enemy on main hall in Endless Path of Od Nua Level 7?

I’ve been spending hours beating this floor. I can’t get through the main hall, there is too many enemies. I tried leading them on a narrow doorstep to have them funneled but their spells really gets me down. Specially my melee are being mind controlled and the teleporting blights. I am using Aloth (lvl5), Kana […]

Can I mine Obsidian/Hellstone pre-Hardmode without getting Crimtane/Demonite Ore?

As far as I can tell, obsidian and hellstone can only be mined by the Molten Pickaxe or the Deathbringer/Nightmare Pickaxe. I’m at a stage where I’ve explored a lot of the map, but have not ventured too deep into Crimson (and I want to stall that until I am stronger). I’d like to try […]

Do monsters have defensive stats in Diablo III?

Someone mentioned that monsters can have resistances in Diablo III. Because those mechanics are basically intransparent to the player, I wondered if that is actually the case and if there are other stats monsters can have? Do we have any knowledge how they get those stats? By monster type? By level? By boss modifier?

Training time when a barrack is under upgrade

I know how the new training system works as a single queue and the calculation of training time. What I am wondering is say I have all level 6 barracks and the wizards are being trained for say n seconds, if I upgrade one barrack, will it increase the training time of say wizard or […]

How do you get the field skills to 5?

Similar to this question, but specifically regarding level 5 acquisition, how do you level up each field skill (Mechanical, Biology, Archaeology) to level 5? It is known that there are only 10 BLADE levels, and you can only reach level 4 in each field skill via BLADE leveling.

Does Zaryas alt fire increase in damage when you gain energy after firing?

When I shoot Zaryas alt fire, then gain energy while that shot is still in the air, will that alt fire increase in damage as well or will it only be the same damage as is when I fired it?

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