iCade bluetooth keyboard mappings for MAME?

I just got an iCade — it is technically for an Apple iPad, but it is basically a generic bluetooth keyboard arcade controller. It’s great! But once I paired it with my laptop as a bluetooth keyboard for testing, I discovered something odd that does not bode well for using the iCade with MAME. All […]

Most efficient Chapter One JP farming?

I just picked up FF Tactics for my iPhone and haven’t played it in years. I seem to recall that it’s highly beneficial to farm a fair amount of JP and develop 2nd or even 3rd tier classes some before completing the first chapter. What is the most effective method of farming JP (and ideally […]

What do the icons on the Historia Crux represent?

Under each location, there are these little symbols that look kind of like stylized flames. They seem to be lighting up as I proceed through the areas but I can’t figure out any 1:1 relation for them, and the manual and Datalog are useless here. What are these actually for?

How to unlock green lockers in Silent Hill: Downpour?

I completed 16% of Silent Hill: Downpour, and I came across a green locker at the entrance of the town just after completing Devil’s Pit episode. When I try to use it, it asks for a 6-digit password. What am I supposed to do? Is there something around to interact with in order to reveal […]

Change in Arc Position as Trainer Gains Levels

I trained a Pidgeot to nearly full completion of its arc (~90%) and then stopped training for a while due to a lack of stardust and the game saying my trainer level wasn’t high enough. While collecting more dust, I gained at least four levels (the minimum four were due to a powerleveling push with […]

How can I avoid CS:GO servers loaded with bots?

I find that a lot of times, when using Community Quick Play, I end up being pushed into a server with many bots, and no real players. Playing a game using “Find a Game” works fine, but Community Quickplay is one I frequent the most. How can avoid these bot-ridden servers?

Is there any advantages to playing Birth By Sleep in any particular order?

So I’ve already started playing through the game and beat Aqua’s segment, but I was curious about this: Are there any advantages (story-wise, overall experience with the game, etc.) to playing Birth By Sleep in a particular order?

How do I enable permissions and groups across dimensions?

I am running a MCPC+ \ Feed The Beast (Forge) server. I am using the plugins Essentials, EssentialsChat, Group Manager, and MyMcAdmin to control everything. All my permissions and groups work in the overworld but not in the nether or any mystcraft dimensions. I haven’t tested Dimension door’s dimensions but I’m going to assume they […]

How do skulltula requirements split across two players?

Let’s say a skulltula has a requirement like “Do not take more than 4 hearts of damage”. If I’m playing co-op, does that mean we each can’t take more than 4 hears, or we can’t take more than 4 hearts total? What about other numeric requirements?

What are the odds of getting dream jobs for certain levels?

I thought it was coincidence at first but now I am certain that some jobs get more dream jobbers. For me: Toydarian Toys Mon Cala Aquarium Holochess Hall I get dream jobbers for these levels twice everyday. I have 50 levels so it is really unusual when always the same ones get dream jobbers. These […]

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