How do I set up Braid to use a gamepad on PC?

So I asked this question about Braid on PC/PS3 a while back, and one of the answers pointed me to the MotionInJoy drivers that allows PS3 controllers to be used on a PC. I’ve installed them properly and have used my DualShock 3 in a few games, but I can’t figure out how to enable […]

How short or long can my trainer name be?

I’m trying to think of my new trainer name but I don’t get any chance to check if the username is available before trying it. What I’m wondering is what the minimum and maximum characters are for your trainer name?

If I date Liara in ME1, what will affect me if I want to date Tali in ME2 and 3?

Well, everythings’s in the title. I was wanting to date Tali (I just love the character) and I’m doing all the Mass Effect games. I’m currently Male Sheppard and in the original Mass Effect. Tali isn’t available in ME1, so I guess I’ll date Liara instead. I know about the picture in ME2, but is […]

Major benefits to scanning the galaxy?

While continuing my quest for Reaper annoyance dominance by pinging, I found that I can get cool stuff on planets by scanning! Is there any major benefit for avoiding my main goal and taking the time to pick up this trash valuable resources or am I perfectly fine to go on my merry way of […]

Does the shiny encounter rate ever reset?

Pretty much just what the title says, does the shiny rate reset? If it does, what are the factors that make it reset? Does my 1 in “X” chance of encounter begin from the start of the game, or every time I power off/on my DS and reload my saved game? I haven’t been able […]

What are all of the named locations?

Several achievements require visiting every “named location”: What are the named locations in Three Horns, Tundra Express, Frostburn Canyon, Sanctuary, Opportunity, Lynchwood, The Highlands, Thousand Cuts, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus, Sawtooth Cauldron, and any other places required for their five achievements (“Arctic Explorer”, “Urban Explorer”, “Highlands Explorer”, “Blight Explorer”, and “World Traveler”)? […]

How to get 5 biohazards?

I have never even got 4 bio-hazards before. What’s required to get 5 bio-hazards when you win?

How do I cause or prevent Interference, Interceptions, Deadlocks etc.?

During battles, I feel like I have no idea what’s going on. My unit-groups will intercept and be intercepted; interfere and be interfered (?); flank and be flanked; and become deadlocked (is this even a bad thing?). This all happens seemingly at random. Is there any way of knowing which actions will flank or interfere […]

How do I trigger the ascension/numbers cinematic at the beginning of Black Ops?

Before Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ start screen, there was a cinematic of a lady talking into a microphone. She said the word “Ascension” followed by a series of numbers. Now I don’t want to know why they showed me that if it’s anything plot-related, but I would like to know how I can make […]

Does anyone step in to fill the holes in your roster?

I deliberately have not named names in the title to avoid spoilers, but in Mass Effect 2 it’s possible for both Garrus and Tali to die in the course of the endgame. Couple this with the outcome of the Virmire mission in Mass Effect 1, and it’s very possible that your playable roster could be […]

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