I can't switch into hardmode but I can break altars and no hollow spawned

I killed WoF (wall of flesh) 5 times already and it won’t let me enter hardmode. I get the pwnhammer, I can destroy altars, but I don’t get new ores spawning from destroying the altars and the hollow didn’t spawn in my world after beating WoF. Is this a bug or something?

Alternate exits in Bit Trip Runner 2

Is there any point in taking the alternate exits in Bit Trip Runner 2? I can’t see any benefit to doing so in terms of unlocking a different path in the overworld, so is it just for your own benefit?

Gta 5 social club

I used to play gta 5 online on my ps3 but it ended up breaking and I can’t use it anymore I purchased the game for xbox 360 and started playing the game all over again and some of you know how hard that can be specially online.. So I was wondering if I could […]

How much player XP can be earned through evolving 3-stage evolution Pokémon to their third stage?

For power leveling your player with common 3-Stage evolution Pokémon: Weedle Caterpie Pidgey The first evolution costs 12 candies and gives 1000 player XP, which is 83 exp/candy. How much player XP is granted for evolving to their final form for 50 candy?

What are the different dungeon modes?

The answer to another question I asked points me towards the Guild Wars 2 Wiki article for dungeons, which has this comment at the bottom: With the implementation of story mode and the subsequent variations available for explorable mode, as well as the different fractal zones, these nine dungeons provide at least forty-three different experiences. […]

SimCity 4 Deluxe stopped working in Windows 7

I had SimCity 4 Deluxe installed and running on Windows 7 64-bit without any major issues for a few months. As far as I can remember, I do not think I even had to adjust compatibility mode, or tweak the command line launch options. Few days ago it worked fine, but yesterday I had tried […]

When do my skill point modifiers apply?

When I look at a weapons stats, do the numbers I see include my skill point modifiers such as extra damage, or do I have to do the math in my head and add it on?

What are the stats for the MegaTower segments?

Cities of Tomorrow introduced MegaTowers, which have many different segments which can be built. So far I know these: LW Residential: 800 workers, 400 shoppers and 200 students. 800 cost per hour, 1200 rent per hour T1 Office: 1200 LW, 400 MW and 100 HW workers. 900 cost per hour, 1900 rent per hour. (no […]

How do I give Wujeeta a potion?

So, I’m trying to do the Skooma Trade mission but it won’t seem to let me give Wujeeta a healing potion so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Do I have to reverse pickpocket it into her inventory or something?

How do I make nicknames using command blocks?

I’m making a server and an adventure map and I wanted to create a class system with command blocks that shows a nickname like “warrior”, “archer”, and stuff like that, but I don’t know how. I know this is possible because Hypixel did it as well in his map, The Wither’s Challenge.

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