How do I fix input lag on my new HDTV

I recently purchased a new 55 inch LED HDTV, I hooked my ps3 up to it (HDMI) and now I experiance about a half a second delay when I press a button and the action is preformed on the TV. This never happened on my old TV, I’ve looked around and can’t find any solutions […]

Where do I play “The Shell Game”?

Under the “progression” menu in Watch Dogs, there is an upgrade: Beat 3 levels of the Shell Game – XP bonus for improving Aiden’s street smarts I want bonus XP! However, I don’t see The Shell Game in any of the mini-game menus in my phone. Where do I go to play the Shell Game?

Are Maximum Stats Still Boosted by Weapon Abilities?

There are lots of X +20% weapon/armor abilities. If I have a character who has 255 of stat X, is the weapon/armor bonus still applied?

How can I participate in the Operation Portal Recon?

Some time ago Niantic announced that closed beta of the Operation Portal Recon is released. What are the conditions to participate in? Should I get an invitation or sign up to somewhere?

How can I create a semi automatic TNT cannon in Minecraft which does not need reloading?

Suppose I have a hill or a mountain I wish to demolish. I created a cannon using the classic recipe so I can do this task: My problem is that reloading is quite cumbersome. I know that I can manufacture cobblestone using lava and water. Is there some way to manufature TNT somehow? If i […]

Can you drop and reacquire the Hanar Diplomat quest?

I, along with others, went and did something else while in the middle of the Hanar Diplomat mission, and so can’t access any of the relevant terminals and thus save the hanar from whatever naughtiness is being planned. Now, I hear that there is a Mass Effect 3 Gibbed save editor out now; is it […]

How do I install Forge 1.6.4?

I have similar problem as had guy who asked “How do I resolve this error when installing the Forge source?“. The question is resolved, but I can’t find the mentioned fml/ file. So please, where can I find it? I have had no problems installing Forge, it installs fine, but when I try to run […]

Can the same artisan plan be used to make the same item N times?

The guide states that a plan can be used for the artisan to “learn” to craft a specific item, so I’m assuming that this knowledge can be used to make that item as much times as I want, is that true?

How to get a Whale Chorus to generate Essense?

As of the recent 0.7 release, one can create a whale chorus. Once generated, in the grotto the line for Whale Chorus says, “Essence 0 / sec” … Is there a way to get that value to be a positive number? This is related to, but different from: Is it possible to gain multiple Essence […]

Where can I find electricity for this fuse box?

The position on the map is: the screen is: I can’t find electricity for it though. Also I need the electricity for this: I saw one source of power on the far right side of metro, but it’s seriously too far away.

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