Keyboard problem with Skyrim

I have an international keyboard, and my customized my layout so that the letters P and O and I are written, when I type the keys on which there are my national(country) letters painted on. I have this custom layout because I my normal P O and I keys are unresponsive(broken), and since I literally […]

Can I download on Xbox 360 after disconnecting the HDMI cable?

I want to know if my download will continue even if I disconnect my HDMI cable from my Xbox 360. I have a download going on but I need the display for something else.

Command Blocks In Minercaft Giving items On Kills

Could I make it so that when I kill a player for the first time, a command block gives me an iron sword, on my second kill it gives me a diamond sword, on my third kill it gives me an enchanted item, and so on? I also want a way to reset this, as […]

Can a single Lightning Reed kill 3 camel zombies?

I was answering this Q, and proposed 2 Lightning Reeds as a way to kill 3 Camel Zombies. However, I’m unsure if they can be killed by just 1 Lighting Reed (with no other plants). So, if we have a Lightning Reed on leftmost square, and 3 camel zombies coming at it, will it be […]

What does “Due to varying systems layouts HDMI port may or may not be available” mean?

I am looking at purchasing a refurbished Xbox 360. One of the sites I am browsing says Due to varying systems layouts HDMI port may or may not be available What does this mean exactly?

How do you upgrade Nook 'n' Go into NookWay in Animal Crossing City Folk

How do you upgrade Nook ‘n’ Go into NookWay in Animal Crossing City Folk. I don’t how to upgrade Nook ‘n’ Go.

Why can't I mine my ore in Terraria?

Okay so I recently lost my palladium drill and I had to make a gold pickaxe so I could mine, unfortunately the pickaxe does not work on any ore (I can’t tell if the ore I tried mining with it was palladium or copper, it won’t even mine crimson rock). I can mine dirt and […]

How do I unlock Pichu and Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

Hey I got SSBM for Christmas and I want to know how to unlock Pichu and Mewtwo! You may be thinking “Just google it, kid.” but the reason I’m asking here is, I want to hear it from a trusted source! The reason I want Mewtwo is, it’s my favorite Pokemon! And I want Pichu […]

Does MMR get reset towards average at the end of the season?

As mentioned in this question Should I avoid playing ranked for a while after the season starts? I believe that MMR gets “averaged” at the end of each season, however I’ve not seen any official source for that belief. The formula I’ve seen basically says that everyone’s MMR gets set to (oldMMR+1200)/2. In other words […]

Bad Company 2 freezes on Bootcamp

I’m trying to play Bad Company 2 on bootcamp (iMac “late 2009”, windows XP single user “student whatever edition”), but the multiplayer apparently always freezes after less than 1 minute of play. I’ve tried playing on a server without punkbuster, but it freezes anyway. The single player works fine instead, so I guess it’s not […]

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