Why was Caius supposed to be immortal?

At some point in the game, Yeul says that Caius is beyond death (and everyone assumes he cannot die). And yeah, even when fighting him you realize that he keeps on reviving after being defeated… and yet, you end up killing him. I didn’t quite get what happened, so my questions: Why did everyone say […]

Can't find sprint button?

What is the sprint button in Minecraft 1.5.2? I know it’s a silly question to ask, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance for the help.

How do I get a strawberry?

I understand that I need a strawberry… for the homunculus (vase), after starting a crusade in Lamascus, to complete some part of tricking the devil. However, I have no idea how to get it. I got someone to start a horticultural school, but that doesn’t seem to produce a strawberry. How do I get a […]

Can I claim bonuses from old and new versions of a set simultaneously?

In this question someone asked how updated items with new affixes worked, and I answered that items with altered affixes are generally distinct, new items, and that existing items are no retroactively updated. Here’s an interesting scenario that may have come up previously because of this but which will almost certainly come up a lot […]

When does the helicopter homie respawn?

Related: How can I speed up the cooldown for the helicopter homie? I called in a helicopter homie to bring some hurt during a police assault, but the homie never appeared. Now, it’s been almost a half hour of real-time gameplay and the option is still grayed out in my phone menu. If it makes […]

How to make an item only break certain blocks after applying the enchantment and unbreakable parts of the command?

My command is give @p stone_pickaxe 1 0 { display:{ Name:”Level 1 Pickaxe”, Lore:[“A basic pickaxe.”] }, ench:[{ id:32,lvl:1 }], Unbreakable:1 } { CanDestroy:[“minecraft:stone”,”minecraft:stonebrick”] } How would i add the next part? (only allowed to break stone blocks)

Replays freeze/don't work after upgrading to Windows 8!

Originally I ran StarCraft 2 on Windows Vista and everything worked fine. A couple of months ago, however, I upgraded my PC to Windows 8. I run Starcraft 2 without any issues, but replays now are working very bad; after 2-3 minutes of playing (usually on x2, x4, x8 speed) it hangs for a while. […]

Command with infinite coordnates?

I am making a command that is /execute @e[type=Snowball] -603 4 170 /summon PrimedTnt So whenever I throw a snowball at the specific coordnates, it will blow up. Is there a way to make it so there are infinite coords so no matter where the snowball lands it blows up no matter what? Thanks

Is there a limit on the number of bodies/corpses/lockboxes in a certain zone? How do I increase this limit?

I would like to know if BioShock 1 or 2 limits the number of bodies/corpses in a certain zone (like Dishonored, another game that also uses the Unreal engine). Does either game remove corpses to make way for new ones? If the game(s) do have this limit, how do I increase this limit in the […]

Should my energy collectors be running even when I'm logged off?

I have a private server running Tekkit and I’m finding that some (perhaps all) of my energy collectors are running 24×7, even when nobody else is logged on (supposing I log off in the evening, when I check on it in the morning I can find half a stack or so of dark matter waiting […]

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