I family shared all my games, but two of them say buy instead of play

My account that is sharing is not active nor is anyone else playing the game. The two titles that wont allow me to play are Counter Strike: Source, and Half life 2

Does the last villager trade allways boost your reputation in village?

I keep buying the last item options from villagers. The Wiki states on trading and popularity: Action Popularity Change Trading a villager for the last offer slot on their list +1 Does that mean that if I buy 20 name-tags my popularity will be 20? Or, since popularity caps at 10, does that mean I […]

Who is the man in the ending?

In the ending after the credits A man (the subtitles say “Stargazer”) and a boy star into the sky discussing “The Shepard” (which took place a while ago). The scenery/sky seem to be the same planet where the Normandy crashed. Who is this man and child?

Did I miss my chance to have a ship's doctor?

So I’ve been playing the “Why can’t I click the Save BILLIONS option?” greyed-out paragon score dance with Dr. Michel and I finally have my paragon score above the first dash on the squad screen. Since I was in the citadel anyway to enable access for the students and instructors of Grissom Academy (I just […]

What is my succession law, exactly?

i’m new to CK2 and i get confused a lot. I started as Earl of Ulster, and before my initial Earl died, i changed succession law to ‘elective’. I made my daughter elected (barely – some mayor almost got elected instead). A bit later she was able to claim the title of Duchess of Ulster. […]

What makes for a good jungle god?

Since I tend to spend most of my time playing Smite in Assault, I have very little experience with jungling. What qualities are valuable for a god to take into the jungle?

Romancing Liara in Mass Effect 3

I romanced Liara in ME1 and the Lair of the Shadow Broker during Mass Effect 2. What would happen if I romanced someone else after the Lair of the Shadow Broker in ME2 in terms of ME3?

Can you play with players worldwide in Zelda triforce heroes?

I was looking at the game’s official website, and it said that you can play with players around the world. But I also read on a comment on Youtube saying that you could olny play with players in your country. (note: I’ve already posted this before but the game was not released yet so I […]

What are all the different categories of weapons and what upgrades are available for them?

In Mass Effect 2, weapons fell into six categories: Assault Rifles Shotguns Sniper Rifles Submachine Guns Heavy Pistols Heavy Weapons Are these types the same in Mass Effect 3? Are there new weapon types? Also, upgrades in Mass Effect 2 are not weapon-specific modifications. Instead, the player obtains upgrades through research which apply across an […]

How to remove Minecraft Villager Careers from their Trading Interface

I am a custom mapmaker and I need to know if there is a command to remove the annoying villager careers from their trading interface in minecraft 1.8, or to make a custom villager career. Is there any way to spawn a custom villager that has no career/custom career?

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