What is the maximum possible amount of earned credits from a playthrough?

Trying to figure out the worth from bonus that has a 5% discount on stores. Assuming one does all the main, side, and DLC quests, how much is it possible to earn?

How to distinguish caught and seen Pokémon?

In my Pokémon I have seen one Pokémon more than caught. How can I see which Pokémon I have only seen and not caught?

Do I earn less experience or items if I have a follower?

In Cathedral Level 3, I have the chance to either fight with or without the Templar. I thought the enemies would grow stronger relative to the size of my party, but typically this is announced by the game and there was no such message when I accepted him straight away. Will I get experience and […]

What determines if a lizard will increase my maximum stamina?

Sometimes when I eat a lizard it will increase my stamina, and other times it does not. What determines whether or not eating a lizard will increase my stamina?

Do Seasonal characters nerf the game?

I haven’t played Diablo 3 in a while (maybe a year?) and I have recently created a Seasonal Barbarian Character. I have since beaten the game in ~4 hours and am halfway through my 2nd play through (ng+), and have yet to find any real challenge in the game – I beat Diablo in less […]

So, what did happen on that drunken night anyway?

So, I have “A Night to Remember” as one of my (very many) open side-quests as I’m idly exploring some random wooded area I happened upon… Then, I come across Witchmist Grove, where I find a Hagraven. Strange thing about this Hagraven is that she was actually named (Moira, I think) and didn’t immediately go […]

How does city resource trading work?

I ask because I’m having issues. I tried the obvious space saving measure of having water/power/sewage on one city and zoning and developing more another city. It worked for quite a while, but now for some reason the city I play more in is lacking power. It says there are 98MW available from the neighboor […]

When playing as embermage, how can I exploit on-hit effects on weapons?

I am currently playing as a Prismatic Bolt Embermage and I am pretty sure that by casting the Prismatic Bolt no on-hit effect are applied. What I am wondering is: what skills should I use in order to actually trigger them? For example, in the outlander case Rapid Fire does apply effects carried by the […]

Early money making strategies

So I have read all the answers to this question here about how to grind money. This however seems to be an end-game money grind as they all mention Le Wow and the one indepth answer says two level 100 pokemon with this that and the other along with a 100,000 buy in. What I […]

What video/audio codec does Blizzard use for its Diablo 3 cinematics?

Prompted by Why does over-clocking a CPU cause audio in Diablo 3 cinematics to go out of sync?

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