Clearing Items with NBT Tags

I’m making an adventure map in Minecraft. I’ve been trying to make a key that opens a door and then deletes itself from your inventory. I got it to work flawlessly without NBT tags, using a trip-wire hook as a key. After I assigned NBT tags to it thusly, tripwire_hook {display:{Name:”Key”,Lore:[“Opens one door”]}} the tripwire […]

Is there is website that explains the game mechanics for Skyrim

I am looking for a somewhat comprehensive site to explain the game mechanics to me. I have not (nor do I want to) play any other Elder Scrolls game and picked this one up on a whim. Unfortunately the in game tutorial only explains how to move (For those who find this hard to figure […]

Does the order in which you finish Broken Age (Act I) affects the ending?

Again, I must stress, severe “Broken Age” spoilers. I’ve finished Broken Age (Act I) by first playing with Vella, switching to Shay near the end, and after finishing with Shay – getting back to the last few puzzles with Vella. When I’ve finished with Shay – the game ended with Shay fainting on the outside […]

How can I make a radio assistance call when there are no more resource crates in a location?

I can only access the ‘Radio Assistance’ menu when there are still resource crates in a location. I’m playing the Steam Early Access version on the PC. The State of Decay wiki’s “Radio” article states that (for the Xbox 360 version): “The active survivor can also call for field support through the radio. By pressing […]

Soul Gems losing their soul

I had Lesser Soul Gems stored in my cupboard they were definately filled before I took them out (they had (Lesser) beside them) but then when i took them out they were empty 🙁 just wondering if this is a known glitch or just me. I’ve done it with more than one Gem so it […]

What is this trophy room for?

While wandering around the library, I came across this room that I hadn’t seen before (or at least have no memory of seeing). Is there any significance to this room? It seems like all of the statues are bosses or characters in the game, but since some are gold and silver, it doesn’t seem like […]

Is there a way to bypass the Steam region lock?

I want to check out a game but when I view it from Steam, it says: “This item is currently unavailable in your region” Is there a way to go around this limitation? Not simply by using a proxy to view the website but to actually get the game and play it?

Choosing a BattleTag, how is it used?

To play Diablo 3, you have to choose a BattleTag. Blizzard says the name will represent me on I already have an account name for Starcraft 2, and I’m wondering if I should use the same name for the BattleTag. On the one hand, I’d would be nice to have the same name for […]

How can I enable Civ 5 mods on Mac OS X?

Officially, the Mac OS X version of Civilization V does not support mods. However, from common sense, some discussions I’ve found online, and Aspyr’s poor track record, I’m guessing it is indeed possible to enable the mod browser and mod playing, at least for some mods. So, is it possible? And if it is, how?

What is the spawn rate of the elemental drakes?

With Patch 6.9, Riot introduced four elemental drakes types: Cloud, Infernal, Mountain, and Ocean–any of which will randomly spawn during a game. My question then is, “Do all the elemental drakes have an equal chance of spawning or do some drakes spawn more often than others?”

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