Is there a place to 'park' vehicles?

The moment I reach the fighting, or find my squadmates and want to help them fight, I need to leave my scooter or deconstruct it. Any place I can park it so it does not go waste? Once spawned, is the only way to get back the resources to deconstruct the vehicle?

Why can't I do anything any more?

I have played Skyrim for xbox 360 for a long time now, but recently I’ve encountered a bug. I can’t talk to anybody, I can’t select anything, I can’t open doors and I can’t fight any more. All I can do is walk and run. I can be killed but I can’t fight. Even if […]

Are bosses guaranteed to drop two yellow items the first time I kill them on normal?

A comment here suggests that Whenever you kill a boss for the first time (on normal difficulty only), it is guaranteed to drop at least 2 rares: One general rare and one specifically suited for your class Is this true? I’m fairly sure I didn’t get anything but blues the first two times I killed […]

Why is SWTOR not downloading through EA's Origin service?

So, I’m about to download SWTOR as written here But it seems like I have to download the client by itself, not via the Origin program by EA, even if the game shows up in Origin. Will the download be for the Origin service (linking it to Origin at the end) or does it […]

Can the D4 or D100 give me Godhead?

I’m trying to complete my collection through D100 spam. I’ve gotten to Womb II, however, and my build seems to have stopped changing. I did unlock a few other items this way (such as The Body), but Godhead remains uncollected. Can the D4 or D100 give me Godhead?

How to control where items get stored?

If I have say wood in a chest with an IE Storage Bus hooked up to it, as well as the same type of wood in a barrel, how do I control where the item goes when I drop it into the network?

How to solo Pyrocaustic Pete the Invincible?

Is he possible to beat solo? Getting through his shield is the easy part but how would you damage his actual health? He is resistant to both fire and corrosive so those are out of the question. I don’t see how he can be beaten.

How likely is it to pull a character from data cards?

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, one of the ways to unlock new characters or promote existing characters is through data cards. If you go into the data cards screen, there are four generic cards/packs that have the ability to unlock characters either through granting a character shard, or providing the full character. These cards/packs […]

What are the exact mechanics for Bane's nightmare skill?

Bane’s nightmare skill can work on both allies and enemies, and is transferred when the sleeping target is attacked, but what are the conditions for doing so? Does the attack have to be a targeted attack, or can any aoe effect cause the transfer (such as ancient apparition’s ult)? Also, is it possible to deny […]

“Naming” a block

When you put an item in an anvil (provided you have enough experience) you can re-name that item. Usually this is used for nametags and equipment, but can be used for anything. I recently used this to name a stone brick block (for bit of fun), but when I placed it down, the name was […]

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