Minecraft Test If A Chest Contains An Item

I’ve seen a lot of questions for finding specific items in chests using commands using testforblock but how would you test if any block/item has been placed in a chest?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Minecraft Test If A Chest Contains An Item”

    You can use

    /testforblock x y z minecraft:chest -1 {Items:[{}]}

    Note the extra {} in the Items list. {Items:[{}]} checks if the list of item tags contains an item that matches all the tags present in {}. Obviously, {} does not contain any tags, meaning every item in the game matches this1.

    You can achieve the opposite behavior using {Items:[]}, which will test for an empty list of items.

    1 Technically, everything matches {}, including Creepers, but the Items tag limits the scope for us.

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