Level up gear before dismantling?

I heard an advice once to level up your gear before dismantling to produce more parts and materials. From my subjective experience this seems to work more or less with rare items, though I can’t say for sure.

As I care most for Ascendant Shards and other top-level materials, the question is mainly about legendary gear. So basically what I’m asking is this: is there a difference in material output between these options:

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    1. Dismantle item right away;
    2. Level up item before dismantling, but without actually upgrading it;
    3. Level up item and upgrade (buy) it’s skills before dismantling;

    I can’t seem to find any concrete info on this, and don’t have enough legendaries to experiment yet (the ones from Queen don’t produce Shards).

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    If you fully level up a legendary weapon without actually purchasing the upgrades you will get twice the amount of Ascendant Energy. You DO NOT need to spend a single glimmer or material on the item.

    Basically instead of getting 2-3 you will get 4-6 or something like that. Good if all your weapons are already fully leveled, you can switch weapons before you hand in a bounty.

    However this does not work for armour.

    Upgrading a piece of legendary gear will get you a few extra class based material components out of it, but it won’t increase the amount of Ascendant materials reclaimed. It will always be 2-3 no matter how many upgrades have been purchased on the armor. You definitely won’t get back any of the common materials like spirit bloom and relic iron you use.

    For an example, a redditor dismantled a piece of fully upgraded exotic gear and got 5 sapphire wires and 3 shards out of it.

    If you get an extra legendary, just trash it without upgrading it. You won’t see any return on the XP or materials you spend. By the time you start trashing legendaries, you won’t be hurting for the extra sapphire wire or weapon parts. That’s what greens and blues are for at that point.

    At level 20+ I turn my bounties in for leveling gear I found in each slot.

    For each 5000xp bounty or two 2500xp bounties you can roughly max out xp on one green item.

    When you dismantle these items they give you somewhere around double the parts – 3 or 4 instead of 1 or 2.

    From my experience I agree with above: don’t actually buy/activate upgrades on the items because they don’t increase returns meaningfully.

    My main gear purples and exotics are either leveled already or getting all the playtime, so its just a nice alternative to exchange xp for mats.

    I don’t really level blues with bounties, they return 5 or 6 at dismantle but take more than twice the xp to max a green.

    When I’m doing heavy grinds on low level content I equip blues and greens to make the xp go somewhere where I can gain from it.

    I’ve had nothing close to what is costs to upgrade come out of a dismantle. If you plan on dismantling then I would avoid upgrading.

    I always upgrade legendaries upto there last coloum…I have tried without buying n it gives ya roughly double…I have done it with buying upgrades and iv had upto 7/8 energies from a legendary weapon 🙂 glimmer/sapphire/weapon parts are ov an abundance….ascendants are not so i ALWAYS do this with purple gear!!

    Upgrade the armor without skill purchase. Buy “Blessing of the Unmade” emblem from Speaker. Wear this while dismantling. Very high chance for 6.

    Other hidden emblem buffers:


    2 – I’ve dismantled a legendary scout rifle and armor that were fully leveled up and got 5 Ascendant Energy/Shards from it. Next I’ll try to upgrade an item just to the first damage/defense upgrade of the last column and report how it goes.

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