I've completed my contracts. Now what?

I completed the two contracts I was given (Scout and Heavy), and earned two of the ‘Teufort’ weapons for turning them in.

I expected to get some new contracts so I could continue to earn some more of the schmancy new weapons, but I can’t seem to find out how to get more.

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    Derp, I should’ve read the instructions more carefully:

    Get your contracts here
    You’ll be assigned two skill-based contracts each week for the length of the Gun Mettle Campaign. Every contract will give you a new challenge, as well as an advanced-level objective worth bonus points. Get a kill with a reflected projectile as Pyro. Survive 1000 damage in a single life as Heavy. Kill an airborne enemy with your secondary weapon as Soldier. Whenever you complete a contract, you’ll earn a campaign-exclusive weapon or unlockable weapon case.

    Live and let learn I guess.

    Contracts appear to be given out twice weekly on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Wait until then to figure out what off-class you get to struggle through.

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