Is there anyway to stop a download on Steam?

Steam recently started downloading an update for Super Monday Night Combat. Remembering the fact that the game never ran properly for me, and that I was unable to ever find any fix, I impatiently paused the download and deleted all local files from my computer.

The problem is, Steam is still trying to download the update. I’ve already restarted Steam. Even tried to uninstall the game completely, but it’s still trying to download this update! I’d rather avoid having to hunt down the specific files and remove them manually.

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    In your library list, right click on the game you wish to cancel the download for and click ‘Delete Local Content’. This will remove the data that has already been downloaded and remove the game from the download list.

    This solution works for every game on Steam:

    Go to your library, right click on the game you’re downloading and want to remove and select “Delete local content”. That’s all. You don’t need to stop or restart Steam this way.

    1. Close Steam
    2. Locate your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading folder
    3. Delete everything under Downloading (not a specific folder just everything)
    4. Start steam – product should download anew.
    1. Close Steam
    2. Locate you <Steam>/steamapps/downloading subfolder
    3. Try to look if it does exist a subfolder called /440/ (TF2 app id) and delete it
    4. Relaunch Steam
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