Is there anything missable in the HotS campaign?

Are there any achievements, side missions, easter eggs, or anything of that sort that I have to get while playing through the campaign, that I can’t get by replaying missions after I’ve completed them?

I would assume achievements like Rally the Troops would be missable, since you have to speak to people before doing something.

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  • But more than achievements, are there any hidden levels or jokes, things that you have to do something specific at a certain time or you’ll miss them?

    Spoilers as appropriate!

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    General advice

    • Talk with everybody on your Leviathan beetween missions! Check it twice.
    • Click few times at Kerrigan and other heroes to hear funny dialogue.
    • Earn and play all evolution missions. Check it twice! You can miss it.
    • Make all additonal tasks in missions to hear dialogues.
    • Don’t end missions too fast to make all dialogues happen 😉

    Easter eggs list

    • Find Dehaka’s right arm that is “Still bleeding profusely” in “Supreme” and him running in brushes in “Walking The Ancient
    • Discover that 2 primal zerg leaders in Zerus are Tasteless a.k.a Tastelopes vs Artosis a.k.a Artosilopes – pro SC2 players.
    • Find out that Blizzard also likes Minecraft with exploding green loctus named Creepers in final Zerus mission.
    • When playing as a Hyperion your fighters will say Star Wars and Futurama quotes.
    • Be a vandal! Destroy a shiny new marine car/Helion in the second Ultralisk evolution mission and hear him cry about it. Screenshot?
    • Say hi to old Starcraft Brood War satellite.
    • Find out that Zerglings are really allergic to lemon juice and UNN report from Wings of Liberty was right!
    • Hear that there are “so many banelings” like in the 1st GSL Open Finals.
    • In “Enemy Within” mission find Diablo!
    • In the Roach evolution mission find Maye, Oynx & Diamond – this is done for Rebecca Mayes who did THIS 😀
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