Is there any way to increase the drop rate of items?

Some items in Terraria drop only very rarely from certain enemies. It’s a pain having to farm so many enemies to try to get these rare items. Is there any way to make them drop more often?

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    No, there is no way to increase the drop rate of items.

    (With one exception for some items. See below.)

    But what you can do is increase the enemy spawn rate.

    Obviously, the faster enemies spawn, the more you can kill, so the more chances they have to drop the item you’re after. The spawn rate of enemies can be increased in a few ways:

    • Battle Potions – Increase enemy spawn rate while active.
    • Water Candles – Placing one of these will increase the spawn rate in the nearby area, indicated by the presence of the Water Candle debuff active on your character. Holding one will also work, but then you can’t equip a weapon.
    • Blood Moon – During a Blood Moon, the enemy spawn rate in surface areas will increase.

    These effects do all stack with each other, but you can’t stack multiple of the same item. So the highest spawn rate increase possible is by using a Battle Potion with a Water Candle placed nearby (during a Blood Moon, if applicable).

    This is the only thing you can do to increase your chances of finding an item.

    But what was that about an exception?

    The only exception to this general rule is Expert Mode, which is currently only available in the Desktop version of the game. In an Expert Mode world, some rare enemy drops will have their drop chance increased, sometimes as much as doubling. Obviously, you need to create an Expert Mode world if you’re not already using one, and Expert Mode comes with its own set of complications, so try it at your own risk. If you want to find whether your particular item has an increased drop rate in Expert Mode (and what the new drop rate is), look up the monster that drops it on the Terraria Wiki.

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