Is there a portable container in Skyrim?

I’m looking for a portable container, a carriable chest if you’d like. Something where I can put items in, but which I can put in my inventory itself.

I don’t need to be able to access items in the container while it is in my inventory (forcing a multi-level menu instead of the current two-level).

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  • This would facilitate handing stuff over to my follower and taking it back 🙂

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    Yes. Its name is Lydia.

    There are two “sort of” answers to this question. First off, as noted, you can use followers as portable storage. The other option is to put your uncarriables onto a convenient nearby dead body and then use one of the Raise Zombie line of Conjuration spells, recasting as needed.

    Edit: on a closer read, you definitely seem to want option two. You can even tell your follower to loot your “Skeever Suitcase” when you’re done with it.

    Your best possible outcome for this is a follower. However, if one needed an extra container in their house or something, like one next to the alchemy lab etc. It would be best to reanimate a corpse and let it turn to ashes in the spot you need it in. You can store items in the ash pile because they never disappear.

    If you use your follower and have them pick up an item, there is no weight limit for them. However, they can’t loot bodies, which means that you’ll need to loot everything, drop it, and then have them pick it up.

    Use Shadowmare. When he dies, put your stuff in him. You can raise him as a zombie and he won’t turn to ashes or die again.

    You can use a companion as portable storage with infinite space. If you go into their commands and tell them to pick something up it wont weigh a thing in their inventory.

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