Is there a limit for the bonus experience % that you can get?

Is there a limit for the bonus experience % that you can get?

Say you equip

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    • Cain’s Laurel, socketed with a Star ruby +25%
    • 2 other Cain’s set items +30%
    • hellfire ring +35%

    This will give you 90% bonus experience, is there a limit?

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    The theorical max value is currently (as of patch 2.0.1) +4682%:

    You can test it here. With the simulator you can select :

    • The Torment level (1 -> 6)
    • The gear that brings +x% XP bonus (and the value of this bonus)
    • The gear that brings +x% XP bonus on follower (as the follower share 20% with you)
    • The number of player (1 -> 4)
    • If you have a pool of reflection, a shrine or an event buff active.

    Note that some of those bonus are multiplicatives and other additives which is why your total +XP% can show different value for 2 differents 50% bonus XP.

    • Cains Set : 30%
    • Marquis Ruby : 33%
    • Leorics Ring : 30%
    • Hellfire : 35%
    • MP10 : 200%
    • HF on follower : 9% XP
    • 5 stacks of NV : (5 * 15) = 75 % (Thanks, Wiz)
    • Also get the 45% bonus if you
      group with 3 other people. Dont forget that this bonus is

    So about 457% bonus to XP.
    When the expansion hits, there maybe will be better items with more MF, who knows.

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