Is there a downside to upgrading to RoS asap

I have base Diablo 3 PC version, and am considering upgrading to Reaper of Souls. However, I haven’t completed all of the older content such as Infernal Machine available in the classic version – and from reading online, I know that the parts dropped by the IM bosses change in RoS.

As such, is there any reason to actually delay a RoS purchase to e.g. farm quests/bosses/etc. that may be unavailable or changed in the expansion?

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    Another minor, but more permanent benefit, is if you sit at level 60 without RoS you will gain Paragon experience. Paragon levels give all of your characters a boost like +Resist All for extra toughness, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, etc. And the first few dozen Paragon levels require less experience than it takes to go from 60-70.

    You would normally gain Paragon levels upon reaching level 70 with RoS, so this isn’t a strong reason to hold off of the expansion, but if you wanted to buff up your alts and have an easier time in Act 5, it would be a side-perk while you work on the older content.

    The biggest benefit to this delay would be for hardcore heroes, where you want every edge you can get.

    Unless you actually looking to create those Hellfire rings, upgrading would stop and prevent you from completing those rings. There are also skill updates and gear changes would would normally break your current build.
    So if you want that Level 60 ring set, I would hold off on adding the expansion to your account till you are finished with your rings.

    Unless you actually want a level 60 hellfire ring that badly, get the materials for it without RoS since you will be 60 and won’t level up. Once you got RoS and level 61, level 60 hellfire ring’s materials will be out of reach since you’ll start getting level 70 hellfire ring’s materials instead. If you have the materials for the level 60 and got RoS, you can still craft it if you start a level 60 game.

    Same goes with the legendary drop from bosses, once you get 61, Diablo won’t have a 100% legend drop as it will be moved to Mathael instead. Easier to do that without RoS then once all your characters have got their legendary, upgrade to RoS and level them up to get the legendary from Mathael.

    Overall, I think upgrading is worth it. Troyen’s answer might be the sole good reason to stay without RoS but, imo, it ain’t worth it. The experience gained from doing all there is to do in RoS, the drop rates from rifts and greater rifts will be worth more than the time spend/wasted (depending how you see it) at 60 trying to get a hellfire ring that you will most probably end up not using.

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