Is there a Custom Map to practice defending against specific cheeses?

As a relatively new player (top of my bronze division) I have to deal with learning how to counter all the popular cheeses like 6 pool. My 2v2 partner has the same problem. When we’re both online, we can practice by me doing a 6 pool to him. But wouldn’t it be cool if he could just load up a custom map of some sort, and tell the AI to do a 6 pool?

So, has someone done this already? Is it possible to tell the AI what build order to use when making a custom map? I would want it to simulate a 6 pool exactly. The end result would be something like the rush defense challenge that you can do in the single player mode, but with the exact mechanics of a 1v1 ladder game.

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  • Perhaps there would eventually be a library of cheese maps, and everyone would learn to defend against them, and maybe that would actually force some people to stop using them so much 🙂

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    i’m not sure if you can tell the ai to do a build order(but i’m leaning to ‘no’) but maybe you can just spawn a certain number of zerglings after a certain point in time then make them attack your base? you can also force spawn buildings and a number of workers(to simulate the normal ladder game) and then leave it to the ai to carry on from there

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