Is Sombra fully invisible when using her Thermoptic Camo

(This question is mostly FYI for this community of what I gather from Blizcon, also here are her skills. Source is an Overwatch Developer on a live stream just now)

Is Sombra fully invisible and not seeable by anyone while using her Termoptic Camo? Or is she partially visible in some situations?

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    Sombra can be seen by :

    • Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow (at all times) (You will be warned by a “Revealed” message)
    • Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight (You will be warned by a “Revealed” message)
    • Being too close to her foes

    She will **not** be revealed by :

    • An enemy Sombra’s Opportunist (Her passive revealing foes with less than 50% HP) (Experienced it in 1v1 in the arcade)

    Special Mentions :

    • A friendly Zarya sheilding an invisible Sombra will have the shield showing up, but Sombra herself will be invisible rendering only the bubble. (And, by association, revealing Sombra’s location)
    • Zenyatta will lose sight of his discord orb if it was attached to a Sombra that turned invisible. (The orb is still attached on the other end)
    • McCree completly lose both his charge and his indicator.

    She is mostly invisible except for these cases:

    1. If she’s right on top of you; if she’s right in your face you’ll be able to tell that there’s an invisible Sombra nearby.
    2. If being in the range of a sonic Arrow but only through walls
    3. Widowmaker’s ultimate

    Source Tim a Blizzard developer, go to 00:33:35.

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