Is it possible to put more than one Pokemon in a gym?

Is it possible to deploy more than one Pokemon in a gym? And how many gyms can you be in?

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    You can be in as many as 10 gyms at once, but you cannot employ more than one of your own Pokémon at a single gym. However the higher level a gym the more Pokémon that others can deploy at that gym as well.

    Gyms can hold up to a certain amount of pokemon depending on their gym level. For example, a level 7 gym can hold up to 7 pokemon, however each trainer can only have one of their own pokemon on any given gym. To get more pokemon at a particular gym, you must first level up that gym to increase it’s defending capacity, then wait for other people in your faction to place their pokemon at that gym.

    You can have 1 pokemon in an unlimited number of gyms, but the maximum defender bonus you can collect from owning gyms is 10. For example, if I had pokemon posted at 15 different gyms, I could at most collect 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust every 21 hours.

    You can only have 1 of your own at a gym. Once it has been defeated you can take the gym back and add the same or a new one. You can add as many Pokemon to different gyms as you like but you only get the “defense bonus” from 10 gyms.

    You can only have 1 per gym.
    You can have as many gyms as you want.

    That being said, each gym has a base level. One Pokémon per per level.
    You level a gym up by training on it. It is based purely off of prestige.
    So if a gym is level two with 4k/8k…i believe you have to get the gym to 8k prestige before it’s level 3 and another Pokémon can be placed there.

    One Pokemon per gym. Unlimited gyms.

    More gyms = more stardust and coins from your gym reward which you get from the shield icon in the shop.

    I have seen some gyms with more then one Pokemon under same trainer name. Only thing I can figure is they have more than one account with same nick name. I just found out the hard way. I took over a tower and put a weekend flareon on it so I could train and add another. I raised the gym all the way to level 4 and still couldn’t add more. I really wish at the very least it would have let me take the flareon down so I could put up something stronger but it wouldn’t let me so that either.

    You can only have Pokemon in 10 gyms

    only one per gym,but i don’t know about getting more coins after the first gym as i took two yesterday and was only able to collect coins from the first one, once it showed me my wait time to collect again from the one, even though i took over another gym and it showed i controlled two gyms, it still would not let me click to get my second gyms defender bonus. still said i had to wait the 21 hours.

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