Is it possible to create a portal larger than 2×3 to the Nether?

Can one create a fully functional 3×3 portal? (That’s 3×3 on the inside, and 5×5 on the outside)

If you’re wondering why I would want to do such a thing, it’s purely for aesthetic reasons. I have a room with a wall 3 wide built deep within my base and it would be more trouble than it is worth to resize the room. Hence a 3×3 portal would be perfect.

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    As of snapshot 13w37a, you can now create portals of any size between 2×3 and 21×21. This is a feature in Minecraft 1.7.

    As of Minecraft 1.5_01, only 2×3 portals can be created (via Obsidian frames) to provide transport to the nether.

    You can use inventory hackers to give yourself some portal blocks (data value 90) to place down, seeing as it gives you no advantage as such it’s not really cheating…

    According to what I know, the 1.7 update allows you to build a portal at any size, but it can’t be any smaller than 3×2. So, you can make a Square 3×3 portal, If that’s what you’re talking about. if you have a 23×23 room, internal space. then you will be able to build the maximum internal space portal, 21×21 internal space

    You can hand-place portal blocks (not the obsidian frame, but the actual purple portal blocks) using MCEdit, which is an external world editor. By hand-placing them, you can make a portal of any shape and size.

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