Is it possible in Minecraft to switch over from survival to creative in single player?

This question is regarding the minecraft Beta 1.8 prerelease — I have a beautiful house in single player survival which I’d like to record while flying.

I want to be able to change the game mode of my survival map to creative to be able to fly through it without installing a mod. I know it is possible if you run the map on a multiplayer server via the command /gamemode <user> 0|1 but I want to achieve this in single player 🙂

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  • I think this would be possible through editing your level.dat file as I think that’s where the game mode for the map is stored.

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    As of Minecraft 1.3, singleplayer and multiplayer have been merged, so you can switch your gamemode with the /gamemode command:

    • /gamemode survival
    • /gamemode creative
    • /gamemode adventure

    You can abbreviate the modes. For example, typing /gamemode c for Creative works as well.

    You can only do this if you haven’t disabled cheats during world generation, though.

    If you turned cheats off and still want to do it for whatever reason: The game mode is stored in the level.dat file, which can be edited using an NBT editor, such as NBTExplorer. The game mode is stored in Data/GameType.

    I’ve found another tool (NBTEdit was unavailable when I tried to download it, so I poked around for alternatives).

    The Game Mode Switcher Is exactly what it says on the tin.

    It’s a simple, external application with the added option of culling your inventory when you switch modes.

    enter image description here

    You can use /gamemode 0|1 now by starting your world with “Cheats Enabled”.

    You can do this in-game and on-the-fly using the TooManyItems mod. Once installed, open your inventory press the C button in the toolbar to toggle between survival and creative mode:

    Image of TooManyItems

    (Screenshot from thread)

    Without Mods or software? Try Dumping your inventory in a chest, Create a new world that is creative mode, copy the level.dat in your new world to your old one (yes overwrite the old level.dat) then delete your new world as it was only temporary and you have no uses for it, then play your world, sorry if it bugs people that this is all 1 sentence!
    Also note this will change your seed so input your old seed for the same generation or use a new one for some excitement!

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