Is it common to only find empty CS:GO servers?

I played CS:GO today and found that there were no servers, and it told me to increase the maximum ping requirement. I increased it from 150 to 200 and it found a server.

However, every single person in the server was a BOT

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    If you say that you do not find any server and after increasing your maximum ping, it is surely your internet connection.

    Reason behind that is that, that the most players have it on 150ms. So the most of the players find a server. You dont find one because you need to much time for a ping.

    So you should stop downloads or stop listeng to music that is streaming in the background like youtube.

    You should set the maximum ping to 150ms otherwise the chance is higher to find a empty server (with Bots).

    I believe this depends on how many people play the game inside the country where you’re living.
    Also, your internet speed also decrease your chance finding a server that have people playing.

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