In Terraria, is there an order in NPC appearance in addition to the minimum requirements for each one?

I noticed a strange thing about Demolitionist that I do not see mentioned on wiki.

Practically on my world I created immediately a good number of houses with all requirements needed to accommodate an NPC.

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  • The first NPC that arrived was the Nurse. Then I found many bombs but Demolitionist never came. He arrived just immediately Merchant came, when I finally got the 50 silver coin needed for him.

    Is this behavior correct? Is there and order in NPC appearance in addition to the minimum requirements for each one?

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “In Terraria, is there an order in NPC appearance in addition to the minimum requirements for each one?”

    During the daytime of 15 minutes, only 1 NPC can spawn every 2 minutes, the NPC must not exist yet and the necessary conditions (separate houses, …) must be met. If multiple NPCs are eligible, then only the first eligible will spawn. It is checked in the following order:

    • Guide: No conditions.
    • Merchant: House, players have more than 50 silver together (in their inventory).
    • Nurse: House, used a crystal heart.
    • Arms Dealer: House, carry a gun in your inventory.
    • Dryad: House, must have killed a boss.
    • Demolitionist: House, Merchant, explosive material in inventory.
    • Clothier: House, Skeletron killed.

    Exceptions to the single NPC rule, which spawn before the order given above:

    • Second Merchant: House, at least 3 players having more than 10 gold together.
    • Second Nurse: House, at least 3 players having 20 hearts (i.e., 400 combined health or more).
    • Third Merchant: House, at least 5 players having more than 5 platinum together.

    There is no order in which they spawn over time. But they can’t spawn together, thus first in order…

    First off, I’m assuming there is a free house. According to the wiki, you may want to throw it.

    He arrives once you obtain a Dynamite
    (or Bomb) for the first time and have
    a house available. The object doesn’t
    need to be used, it only has to be in
    your inventory. If you have multiple
    bombs and a house set up and the
    Demolitionist doesn’t arrive, use at
    least 1 bomb and he should arrive

    In the comments for said wiki page, people mention throwing it and he arrives.

    There shouldn’t be an order in which they arrive. If you have the requirements, they come. Perhaps this is a bug, or the demolitioniost also needs 50 Silver to come (but nobody never noticed)

    I’ll try this out this evening when I’m home

    As the demolitionist is a specialized merchant in all explosive materials, it doesn’t seem to illogic to require that the common Merchant is required in order to have it to appear.

    If this is the logic, then the other ‘merchant-kind’ NPCs (Arms Dealer, Dryad) should not be able to appear if the Merchant is not already here.

    The nurse could appear before the merchant, as she doesn’t sell any items.

    In my experience, NPCs arrive at the start of a new day, and only if the prerequisite items are in your inventory. For example, I had 50 silver and several bombs in a chest, but neither the merchant nor the demolitionist arrived until I put them in my inventory and a new day started.

    To answer your question:

    No, there is no pre-set order ASIDE from the Guide always showing up when you start a new world and taking the first room available.

    The rest are limited by the requirements and then just random chance. For example, I have had a room for a Demolitioinist for about 3 in-game weeks. All the other NPCs had already arrived, and out of the blue I log into my world to pick up some healing potions and get scared to death by the message noise telling me a demolitionist had shown up.

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