I can't move in Skyrim

I can look around, but I can’t jump, I can’t attack and I can’t switch from third-to first person. I brawled with Vilkas at Jorrvaskr to prove my worth for the Companions, and when I left dialogue, I couldn’t move.

I can’t open any menus, except for settings, and quest. I tried quicksaving and reloading, and I tried restarting, but neither worked. Can I get some help?
I’m playing on a laptop PC.

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    For those playing on a PC, try these console commands to attempt to fix the issue. From the UESP Wiki, “Skyrim – Glitches” article:

    • Sometimes, you will become stuck after a cinematic dialogue. Use the console command, enableplayercontrols to retain your controls.

    • Rarely, it is possible to get stuck between objects, and be unable to move. This can be solved by fast traveling or using the console commands, coc <cellname> or tcl.

    If you’re not playing on a PC, you’d have to load an earlier save before the glitch happened as console commands can only be used on the PC.

    If you are using a mod named FNIS Custom Animations, it can cause that problem, run the FNIS generator and it will work again normally

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