I bought a dog. What is it good for?

So, while I was investigating the Museum of Witchcraft, I bumped into a traveling dog-seller who reluctantly sold me a dog. I set up a second dog house in my backyard, watched as my adorable Dogmeat moved into it after I dismissed him in favor of Preston (1. Preston will give me a perk if I’m nice long enough, 2. Preston can wear Power Armor), and there they are, side-by-side in their little houses being dogs.

But it seems I can’t get my new dog to come with me. I can’t equip it, or communicate with it. (I’m super sad I can’t equip it, Dogmeat wearing a bandana is ADORABLE and I wanted to give my bigger, meaner looking junkyard dog a Skull Bandana.) I can’t even name it – it’s just Junkyard Dog.

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    The Junkyard dog counts as 5 points of defense towards whichever settlement you send him to.

    Sorry if this is a bit late but just thought I’d share my experience.

    The Junkyard dog does wear bandanas – you just can’t choose or “equip” them. His bandana changes regularly so give it time and you will see him wear the skull one!

    As others stated, he adds +5 to defense and if your settlement is attacked he will be the first to step into battle! I have seen some say he is invincible but he died very convincingly when I shot him…long story but he became hostile when I tried to clothe him via “pickpocket”. All my settlers became hostile even though he is “my dog” so I think he does count as a settler and takes up a slot.

    I do not believe he can ever be a companion as there is no way to “command” him.

    Supposedly there is a glitch, I just read about on the Fallout 4 wiki, where if you already have a companion then you cannot get those dogs to be your companions. Apparently dismissing your current companion will allow you to recruit other dogs as companions. I could be wrong about this, I haven’t been able to check yet as my controller is on the blink.

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