How to use the 'Ancient Device' in the Desolate Sands?

I have found the ‘Ancient Device’ spawn in the Desolate Sands area, and talked to the guy who was afraid to use it. He ran off, and I searched his brother’s body and bag and found some gold and a journal. How do I use the device though? I might have clicked on the pedestal on accident, because some floating orb or something appeared to be there. After that I couldn’t do anything with it. I left the plateau for a second, and came back and the orb appeared to be gone and I still couldn’t use the device. It seems like I ought to be able to use it to teleport somewhere. Am I missing something? Or do I just need to reload and try again?

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    The Ancient Device gives you a random result each time you find it within the Desolate Sands (after reloading level), there is an achievement called “wheel of Fortune” for getting each outcome. I have only found it once while playing and it gave me a couple dozen piles of gold.

    So far I have gotten these outcomes
    1.) Skeletons(with a unique namer)
    2.) Vile swarms
    3.) a useless ancient urn
    4.) The Fowl Lair
    5.) Veiled Treasure vault
    6.) a regular chest
    7.) a respelendent chest
    8.) piles of spewing gold
    9.) a pile of diseased bodies
    10.)2 purple namers will spawn, look like golems

    I have found it 6 times now after about 100 attempts…3 time got credit and 3 strikeouts not even credit for the achievement… and 3 times near the ancient path other 3 in the north section.

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