How to use a command block to welcome new players on a server in Minecraft?

Ok, so me and my friend own a server, it uses Minecraft 1.6.4. What I can’t seem to figure out, is how to welcome new users to the server by saying Welcome USER To Northwood, when they join.

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    if you have them spawn 3 blocks above a hidden command block (powered with a simple clock), you could have that command block do something along the lines of /testfor @p ~0 ~0 ~3 keep in mind that i’m not entirely certain if that’s the specific thing to test for to check for players… then hook up a comparator from the first command block to a second one running the message command to @p ~0 ~3 ~3 or ~3 ~0 ~3 depending on which direction the comparator faces (and negative alterations would also be used as necessary)

    My best way to check first login independent on spawn position:

    SIMPLE (one title):

    1. /scoreboard teams add notFirstLogin
    2. build simple clock f.e. 1 sec cyclus with block /testfor @a[team=]
    3. result from testfor comparator goes to the welcome message (/title @a[team=]
    4. after message put repeater with some delay and then command_block with:
      /scoreboard teams join notFirstLogin @a[team=]

    logic of this proccess:

    • player without team is first time on the server
    • all players have some team except new guys
    • if you have more complicated welcome (more than one title @a[team=] title …) is necessary put there some waiting values:

    COMPLICATED (more titles)

    1. /scoreboard teams add notFirstLogin

      /scoreboard objectives add W8ing4Welcome dummy

      /scoreboard objectives add ShowWelcome dummy

    2. build simple clock f.e. 1 sec cyclus with two cmd_blocks:

    3. /scoreboard players set W8ing4Welcome @a[team=] 1

      3.x: ... others things that are necessary call at first login
          small repeater delay 
          /scoreboard teams join notFirstLogin @a[team=]
    4. /testfor @a[score_W8ing4Welcome_min=1] … here connect all welcomes in series:

      4.1. logical circuit AND within /testfor @a[score_ShowWelcome_min=1] 
      ... checking that here is NOBODY with ShowWelcome=1 ... this is important to prevent covering of messages
      4.2. /scoreboard playes set @a[score_W8ing4Welcome_min=1] ShowWelcome 1
      4.3.  small repeater delay
      4.4. /scoreboard playes set  @a[score_ShowWelcome_min=1] W8ing4Welcome 0
      4.5.  small repeater delay
      4.6. /title @a[score_ShowWelcome_min=1] title ...
      4.7.  small repeater delay
      4.8. /title @a[score_ShowWelcome_min=1] title ...
      4.x  ....
      4.end. /scoreboard playes set @a[score_ShowWelcome_min=1] ShowWelcome 0
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