How to transfer minecraft pocket edition world between iPads?

My daughter has built a minecraft world on our iPad. As of Christmas 2013 she has an iPad mini of her own. Is there any way to transfer her world from the old machine?

Even better…is there any way to synchronise the 2 machines?

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    If you have a computer you can download a program called iExplorer.
    Once you do that plug the iPad (not mini) into the computer via USB Connector that comes with any Apple device. Make sure you don’t have any apps running on the iPad, and when the time comes, make sure you don’t have anything open on the iPad mini as well.

    1. Open iExplorer and your iPad should appear, look at the left hand side of the screen and a file labeled applications will appear.
    2. Click it. Open the file labeled Minecraft PE.
    3. Click on Documents, then Games, then Com.Mojang then minecraftWorlds.
    4. Open that file and drag all the files inside it to your desktop. Once it is complete, unplug the device.
    5. Plug in the iPad mini and do everything you just did, but this time, drag all of the files from your desktop into the minecraftworlds folder.
    6. Unplug the iPad mini and navigate to wherever minecraft PE is on your iPad mini.
    7. Open the app and all of your old worlds will be there!

    Depending on the version, I only know how to create a multiplayer world, and have the other user join and then save the world.

    EDIT1: Actually, THIS PAGE has some information specefically post #9

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